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Kimchi Taco Truck Gets Finer With Age

kimchi taco truckSimilar to wine, as kimchi ages, it gets appreciably finer (for most tastes). And it seems that after nearly a year on the road, The Kimchi Taco Truck has finally found its groove, and is turning out some pretty fantastic product. To be brutally honest, I wasn’t impressed with the tacos from this truck the first time I had them. They were horribly dry and woefully wimpy in flavor, so much so that I couldn’t promote them on Midtown lunch in good conscience. Instead, I’ve stuck to the kimchi bowls and their awesomely low-brow ‘kimcheese steaks’. However, spurred on by yesterday’s food truck promotion by Mastercard, I gave the tacos another shot, and was glad that I did.
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ML Forums: The Dutchy is Back!

  • Is the Jamaican Dutchy back in Midtown?! [Midtown Eating]
  • Looking for a job?  Because this guy is hiring. [Connections]
  • Is Gobuki shilling in the forums? [Midtown Eating]
  • The monthly ML Happy Hour meetup is tonight (and its Yvo’s last) [Connections]

Something is Coming to the Old Pinnacle Deli Space

Pinnacle Bagel & Deli

Ever since I started working in Midtown East back in late June, it was always sad to walk by Pinnacle Bagel & Deli (3rd btw 46+47th) and its empty counters. I may never get to experience their Korean tacos with a side of bagel, but I am excited to see some sort of movement in that space. Just a couple days ago I noticed brown paper covering up all the windows. I’m hoping it will be a kick ass cheap lunch spots with good Korean food (I’ve been craving Korean food, but it’s kind of hard to find in Midtown East). Anybody know what’s going in there?  Tips, or requests, are welcome in the comments…

Onya’s Beef Bowl Festival Should Go On Forever

Onya Anyone here familiar with Yoshinoya (42nd btw 7+8th Ave)? It may seem like one of those crappy fast food joints but I actually like eating their beef bowl. I grew up eating it in LA., where they were cheap and open 24/7. Nothing like a decent bowl of steamy rice topped with thinly sliced beef and onions to cure that hunger after partying all night.

Yoshinoya was what I was thinking about when eating the egg and scallion beef bowl ($7.50) from Onya (47th btw 3rd+Lex). From now until I’m not sure when, Onya is doing a “Beef Bowl Festival” (the lady behind the counter said it’s been quite popular so she’s not sure how long they will have it but it’ll be a while). So what’s a Beef Bowl Festival? Let’s find out.

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More About Papa Perrone’s Move to the FiDi: You may or may not have heard rumors that Papa Perrone might be moving to a permanent location in the Financial District?  Well, the Downtown section of our site has the full scoop.  There is still no definite answer as to what will happen to the truck, but according to the ML Twitter Tracker it's still parking on 55th btw. Mad+5th for now.

Snack Box Opens Today In Times Square

Although we were told Snack Box would open Monday, Times Square passers-by saw Snack Box in various stages of “opening” yesterday afternoon. Busy staffers promised they should be all set today. Although we have yet to see a menu, the display case housed an abundance of pastries yesterday, including doughnuts that the New York Times reported are from the Doughnut Plant (hello, breakfast!). We are anxious to see the rest of the menu … early adopters, let us know how it goes today!

Get a Free Food Truck Lunch From Mastercard Today

If you like food trucks and you like free lunch you better hope you have a Mastercard. Starting today they’re running a promotion called Food Truck Feast and it essentially translates to free lunch, from a bunch of food trucks in New York, every single Thursday, for the next four weeks. All you have to do is show your Mastercard at one of the 10 participating food trucks and like Mastercard on Facebook or Tweet to them with the hashtag #PricelessNY. The free grub (up to 500 lunches per truck per day) will be offered from 11am-3pm with a rotating list of 10 food trucks every Thursday.

Each week’s line-up will be announced at the beginning of the week, and today’s participating trucks in Midtown are Kimchi Taco and Gorilla Cheese and both will be parked on 55th btw. 6+7th.  Gorilla Cheese (on 53rd between Lex and 3rd), and Comme Ci Comme Ca (also 53rd between Lex and 3rd), with both Bian Dang and Mexicue doing freebies in the Flatiron. All the rules and fine print can be found here here, and then let the freeloading commence!

Contributor Stalking (The “feeling autumnal” edition)

Tacos from Shorties Deli downtown. Photo by Andrea.

Brian got zombified while visiting Papabubble for his new Halloween video, Rachel tried out Cascabel Taqueria on the Upper East Side, Blondie checked out the new fall pie from four and twenty while Brownie tracked down Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls at a bodega in Park Slope, Donny whipped up a lamb stew at home, Chris had dinner at The Walrus and the Carpenter in Seattle and I photographed the Marty Markowitz at the grand opening of Fleisher’s in Brooklyn.

Elsewhere in the ML universe… Zach is making a list of new Los Angeles lunch options, Andrea discovered a Mexican restaurant hidden in a generic deli and Jamie is hosting a Midtown Lunch Philadelphia lunchtime meetup later this week.

Speaking of Midtown Lunch meetups, there’s less than a week left to win a free lunch on us & Google next week at Food Gallery 32.

Associate Hilariously Quits PwC to Work For Korilla

The whole food truck frenzy of the past few years has been propagated by an avalanche of  “I left my high paying job to start a food truck!” stories.  But none of them, that we can remember, have come with a manifesto email telling co-workers to go F themselves. That’s why we couldn’t help but laugh when we read the resignation email leaked to accounting gossip website Going Concern by a disgruntled Price Waterhouse Cooper associate. In it, the dude sounds off on his co-workers before shamelessly promoting Korilla BBQ (presumably, his new employer?)  It’s a little ironic to talk about integrity while Korilla is still deflecting accusations of cheating, but it doesn’t make the rambling, clearly in need of editing, email any less funny.  Perhaps this tactless young bean counter had too good of a time at Korilla’s recent anniversary party? Finding out how little money food trucks make will likely sober him up real quick.

Up to 30% off Goodburger For the Next 5 Days: Goodburger is currently running a promotion for up to 30% off every combo meal for those who are in the mood for a late lunch or mid-afternoon "snack". From 10am-12pm you get 10% off, 3pm-5pm you get 30% off, and 5pm to close it's 20% off. It's only good through the end of October, so print the coupon or show it on your phone to fulfill those cheap burger cravings on the cheap while you can!