Associate Hilariously Quits PwC to Work For Korilla

The whole food truck frenzy of the past few years has been propagated by an avalanche of  “I left my high paying job to start a food truck!” stories.  But none of them, that we can remember, have come with a manifesto email telling co-workers to go F themselves. That’s why we couldn’t help but laugh when we read the resignation email leaked to accounting gossip website Going Concern by a disgruntled Price Waterhouse Cooper associate. In it, the dude sounds off on his co-workers before shamelessly promoting Korilla BBQ (presumably, his new employer?)  It’s a little ironic to talk about integrity while Korilla is still deflecting accusations of cheating, but it doesn’t make the rambling, clearly in need of editing, email any less funny.  Perhaps this tactless young bean counter had too good of a time at Korilla’s recent anniversary party? Finding out how little money food trucks make will likely sober him up real quick.


  • Way to quit one of the Slave 4 to be a truckie.

  • Wow, I’m all for funny and scathing “fuck you guys, i’m out” emails, but this guy sounds like a tool. Maybe the jokes were too “inside,” but to me it just sounds like the guy forgot to take his meds.

  • Think you overreached for the “hilariously quits” aspect. That was hardly funny or memorable.

  • This is obviously some strange usage of the word hilarious that I wasn’t previously aware of

  • What the hell is everyone on about? The rant wasn’t ‘hilarious’ but it wasn’t as incoherent as people are making it out to be.

    I understood it from start to finish and I don’t work for the Big 4. Here’s a breakdown of what happened:

    [Inside Jokey Quote commonly used in the office as an interjection or exclamatory remark of discontent.]

    [He salutes his coworkers]

    [He makes an opening statement about the frank nature of the email.]

    [He addresses his green peers with some advice pertaining to morality, while implicating that people only rise to the top by becoming a reptile who scales (no pun intended) ladders.]

    [He confronts his bosses, humorously placing the word "Superiors" in quotes in jest, to berate them by implying that their status is undeserved and that he does not respect them. A disrespectful comment is made regarding their sour attitudes. The pun was intended.]

    [He realizes he may be jeopardizing his chances of having any solid references for his next job.]

    [He confronts the Human Resources Manager, whom apparently occupies a humble office with very low ceilings and likes to text the minions in a condescending manner.]

    [He can't come up with a clever exit line so he rehashes his subject, which is based on a gimmicky quote by somebody he feels is very witty and thus must be emulated.]

    [He shamelessly inserts a plug (location not disclosed.]

    tl;dr — English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?

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