Korilla Kicked Off Great Food Truck Race For Cheating

Korilla BBQWhat a very strange and heartbreaking episode of the Great Food Truck Race last night. If anybody’s been following it, you know that our hometown favorites Korilla have been consistently on the top. They’ve used some clever strategies along with their delicious Korean tacos to get ahead in the game. We knew that they had made it into the top four, but as it turns out, that’s as far as they got. Last night’s episode was a difficult one for all the trucks because they were not allowed to use meat in the carnivorous town of Memphis, and Korilla really seemed to suffer without their usual massive lines.

And when the elimination was announced, there was a twist nobody saw coming.

Host Tyler Florence revealed that Korilla had cheated by adding over $2000 of their own money into their cash drawer. It wasn’t backed up with the sales receipts and they were asked to leave the competition. The irony is if they hadn’t added that money, they would not have placed last and would still be in the game.

The show ended with the Korilla guys looking very defeated, but they gave no testimonial or explanation. The cheating was not denied and their Tweets last night were rather enigmatic. I’m not really sure what to think, other than there’s not too much reason left to keep watching this show. And now I’m really craving a bulgogi taco.

Great Food Truck Race 2 Brings HUGE Lines to Kansas (Warning: Spoilers)


  • What retards. Did they think that an extra $2k would not get noticed?

    Go Lime Truck!

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    And this was after they called out the ethics of Hodge Podge for taking orders from people in line for Korilla. Karma is a bitch, dudes! What losers.

  • they didnt deny it because they’re contractually not allowed to talk about it until a certain amount of time has passed (not just until the end of the show).

    besides, its a silly reality show. theres always more than what we see. for those that were commenting on their FB last night that they’re going to “stop eating their food”…please do so, that’ll be less of a wait for me!

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    Reality TV isn’t actually representative of reality. I’m sure the guys did nothing wrong but the production company or network needed to inject some drama to make it interesting. And I’m sure they signed a massive contract that doesn’t let them say or do anything about it.

  • I’m not too crazy about the remaining three trucks. I’m sure it’s due to the editing, but Daniel from Lime Truck just seems like an arrogant prick. Hodge’s concept doesn’t sound that exciting, and I don’t understand trucks that put eyecandy out front just to take orders.

    I don’t really understand why people felt the need to proclaim their boycotting Korilla after they got caught cheating on some reality show. They got kicked off of the show. This doesn’t change the fact that I still like their food, so I’ll still go to the truck.

    • It’s all editing. Creating drama where there is none.

    • how do you edit cheating?

      • It may or not be what the show says it is. “Reality” TV is whatever reality the producers think will make the most money. Maybe Korilla did cheat, but we won’t know the whole story for a long time (i.e. until nobody cares) because I’m sure there’s a well-drafted non-disparagement/non-disclosure clause in their contract.

        I like Korilla when the food is actually served hot, which is like 1/4 times I’ve been.

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      I guess some people don’t condone cheating. If you had an auto mechanic you knew was cheating little old ladies who don’t know anything about cars, would you continue to give them your business just because they treated you fairly? If you had a doctor you found out was committing insurance fraud, would you continue to use him because you thought he was a nice guy?

      Maybe if you were in a contest for a $100,000 prize you wouldn’t so readily dismiss one of the other contestants cheating.

      • are you really comparing adding a little money on a REALITY game show to insurance fraud by a doctor? or a scheming mechanic? really? we’re not talking Bernie Madoff or AIG, or any of the big financial firms responsible for the economic disaster our country is in right now. a reality show. REALITY show.

      • I’m not saying that what they did is right, but a I do feel that a lot of people are blowing this out of proportion. They cheated and, as a result, they got kicked off. People are going out of their way to crucify them on the internet.

        Also, I’m not sure how you compare a $3 taco to a several hundred dollar mechanic repair bill, but no I wouldn’t continue to see someone who takes advantage of their customers. Korilla didn’t do that, though.

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      What eye candy?

  • I been boycotting for a while, but its because their food really sucked.

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    I find the comments soooo funny that the network schemed up this whole cheating thing to boost raitings….OK either way both senerios makes Korilla STUPID…..1. if theY “didnt” do it why the Hell would you let the network label you as cheaters and hurt your business..2. Actually Cheat on national TV and get busted….either way DUMB!!
    So long!

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    Yes, I assume that they are not defending themselves because of the non-disclosure agreements they signed. On the other hand, the likelihood is that they did cheat.

    I don’t know if it will really affect business much, because most people just don’t care. (I care though. Unless they can get this cloud lifted, I’m not interested in Korilla.)

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    For the person who said that the whole thing was staged for “drama”–are you crazy? The Food Network would never put themselves into legal jeopardy by accusing someone of breaking rules and cheated if they hadn’t actually done anything.

    Korilla’s food is great, but the guys were sullen and upset if they even came in second. Their previous win-at-all-costs reactions make it credible that they panicked and did something stupid to make sure they went on to the finale (I thought they’d be the winners). They were aware that they were lagging, but apparently not aware of how badly everyone else had done, too.

    They didn’t deny anything on air but seemed really angry at how Tyler had made them “look bad.” Since they and the network execs must have had a lengthy, off-camera discussion about the situation, maybe they were promised that Tyler would go easy on them, and then he was pretty blunt about what happened. (Good tip for contestants: never believe Tyler).

    And it was not $2,000 that they were accused of slipping into the till–it was #2,700. That would have brought their total up to about how much they’d sold in Kansas.

    • Read for context next time. Drama came up as a reason to make a guy look like a prick, not for the 2 grand thing.

    • If you think the producers wouldn’t stage something like this, you have no idea how unreal “reality TV” is.

      I don’t care either way, I’ve never seen the show precisely because I can’t stand the lameness of these manufactured-drama game shows.

  • Gee, you mean a clumsily rigged looked food gameshow:
    – has someone cheated to get ahead
    – create some false bullsh*t drama
    – used editing to make some look good/bad
    – had a contestant use the (game)show for their own purposesinstead of the shows
    – uses silly in-show contests for more fake drama
    – uses edited cutaway interviews to discuss something that will happen, by the person was there when it did happen three weeks before

    Say it ain’t so kids, say it aint so….

    Tyler Florence is a skilled chef and (from what I heard) a nice guy, too bad he has tied his career to this pathetic operation.

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    I know someone who was on a reality show on a major network and much of what you see is crafted through careful editing to tell a story. It is TV, not live undoctored footage.

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    I had to laugh when one of them commented after Tylers announcement, “He made us look bad”. No jack-ass you all made yourselves look bad. No credibility for liars, cheats and thieves.

  • It stinks how everything worked out for them, but I still support them. I think they would have had a better than average chance once they got to NY.

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    Yes, reality TV is not “real.” It is heavily edited and sometimes even partially scripted, staged, whatever. We know.

    That doesn’t change the fact that Korilla most likely cheated. As mentioned above, the 100K is real money. The free advertising and press also has real value. As K said, it’s crazy to think that Food Network would open themselves to legal liability just to create a bit of “drama” with negligible ratings consequences.

  • This was a big disappointment. Where was their confidence–cheating–very immature! I’m sure the most damage done will be to their egos, not their business. I just wish they had thought twice about being so petty, it was about as poor a showing possible imo.

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    If they cheated the Health Dept. or bypassed any food prep or sanitation laws, then there’s cause for concern…but cheating to get ahead on a TV contest, we’ve been seeing this happen for a long time–remember the $64,000 Question scandal from the 1950’s? But I doubt the Korilla cheat was staged…

  • I actually think the show is unwatchable now

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    I’ll still watch, even though the cute Seabirds and that hot redhead are off the show…yowza!

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