LA Baguette’s Burrito is Basically Street Meat in a Tortilla

Last week, Lunch’er “uncledunkle” took to the ML forums to ask if anyone had ever tried the burrito from the La Baguette truck (SE Corner of B’way & 40th Street). I’d been wanting to try La Baguette myself and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to take a bullet for a good cause (too bad they answered their own question before I got a chance.  Oh well, I’m one day late!) Anyway, I too got the chicken burrito ($5) and was kind of happy to discover that it’s basically just another way to enjoy some delicious street meat.

You get a wheat tortilla stuffed with chicken, rice, beans and cheese, plus a generous serving of their salad. The whole thing then gets slathered with white sauce and hot sauce. I know Zach will turn his nose up because you can’t eat it with your hands (the construction would actually allow you to, you’d just end up with sauce all over your hands, face, shirt and pants) but I wasn’t really expecting a proper burrito from a street meat specialist anyway. I have a suspicion the sauces are the main thing keeping this from being a pretty mundane affair. I’m not sure what it would be like without them, and I don’t think I’d want to find out. I think next time I’ll ask them to throw some of their pickles in there.

La Baguette Cafe is Mamacita’s New Favorite Street Meat


  • Does anyone know where they moved to? I love their egg sandwich. And they are so so nice. They moved last week b/c of the scaffolding.

  • As an added bonus, the lid doubles as a rorschach test. Satisfy your hunger and resolve your Daddy issues in one fell swoop!

  • that looks like vomit if someone never chewed.

  • No pics of the inside?

    • I took a few, but if people have a problem with this one, I can’t imagine what they’d think of the dissection shots. More importantly, none of them really came out good enough to give you much insight into what you’re getting.

  • mine could a used more hot sauce, so if anyone gets one, make sure you ask them to load it on. i did think the melted cheese inside was a great touch adding something different to standard streetmeat. if i ever get a again i may request no white sauce to hope it becomes more burrito like.

  • Tried this today and was pretty disappointed. They seem to have changed the recipe, so maybe taht contributes.

    I ordered the “meat” burrito. I was expecting the the cart gyro chunks, but to their credit or discredit, depending on your perspective, it was something closer to steak.

    I was asked if I wanted spicy or not. I requested extra spicy, which was totally ignored. They don’t use the street meat red sauce anymore, instead spponed on a meh green salsa. The dominant color was white.

    The effect was more burrito-like, but if I want a plain ol’ burrito I’ll go elsewhere.

  • that looks really unappetizing

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