Lunch Links (The “Peach and Pork Belly French Toast!” Edition)

  • Newcomer Nora’s on South Street to start Peruvian dishes soon [The Insider]
  • Devil’s den has a pork belly and peach French toast! [Phila Weekly]
  • The trailer for the Erace brother’s new Food Network show is out [Foobooz]

Dos Tacos in Center City

If I had a dollar for every iteration of casual eatery I have written about that existed at the corner of 15th and Sansom (Aqua, Shank’s, Enzo’s) I could buy quite a few tacos. Dos Tacos opened this summer with a menu of fanciful tacos. They made the most of the small space with Day of the Dead themed wall decorations.  Tacos come 2 to an order, as the name suggests.   Read more »


16th Street Seafood

Worn down signs intrigue me.  I had biked passed 16th Street Seafood a ton of times, always wondering what was going on inside.  Now I know the answer, and the answer is- not much. At least in terms of decor. There is a gumball machine, 2 empty candy machines, plus a counter to order at and that’s pretty much it. Also absent was the plethora of seafood over ice you would hope to see at a place specializing in seafood. There were some frozen crab cakes, breaded fish fillets, clams, and crabs- but not else. Still, I threw caution to the winds of Tasker Street and put in an order.

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Lunch Links (The “Diamonds with your Hoagie” Edition)

  • A hoagie place has opened in Jeweler’s Row [The Insider]
  • Want to eat out all day for under $10? [Eater]
  • Korean Fried Chicken spotted in Fishtown [Foobooz]
  • This list of deli’s reminds me I should check out Koch’s in West Philly [Zagat]

Center City’s DanDan is Here

This week, siblings of Han of Han Dynasty fame opened a Szechuan- Taiwanese restaurant in Center City. I zoomed right in on the Taiwanese specialties, specifically the Taiwanese pork bun/hamburger which I have not encountered in Philly yet, but absolutely love. Sadly, they haven’t started making them yet- which means I already had a reason to come back before even trying the food.

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Fried Meatball Soup from Lil Java

There can never be too many little South Philly Indonesian corner restaurants. Lil Java is one of the latest, with burgers and some American breakfast items to lure less adventurous eaters in.

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Lunch Links (The “More Spicy Noodle” Edition)

  • By next week, you can lunch at DanDan [The Insider]
  • I liked grilled cheese spot, Milkhouse, but am sad Matyson has closed, I had some solid dates there [Foobooz]
  • Beloved deli Chickie’s is coming back as another Italian deli [The Insider]