Lunch Links (The “Eggless Ice Cream” Edition)

Courtesy of South Street West

  • Did you know “Philly” style ice cream has no eggs? [Serious Eats]
  • Devil’s Pocket Food and Spirits debuts lunch! [South Street West]
  • What Philly neighborhood defines your food tastes? [Zagat]
  • Bing Bing Dim Sum is well on its way to opening, while Nam Wah Tea Parlor is trailing behind [The Insider]

Magpie’s Sweet and Savory

Magpie opened about a year and a half ago on South Street.  I remember hearing about its opening, excited for the sweet and savory pies. The cute space is open Tues-Sunday, for lunch and dinner. Pies change seasonally. Now that is winter, the pies are hearty as hell.

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The Flavor of Pork? Latin Flavor brings Casual Caribbean to South Street

At the end of November, a Latin American/Caribbean casual dining restaurant opened on South Street. Latin Flavor serves Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican food. This news peaked my taste bud’s interests because most Caribbean restaurants we have to work with in Philly are either fancy or super far from Center City.  I wondered if this spot could stand up to the amazing Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican food I have tried up in North Philly: Isla Nena, El Principe, El Lechonera Principe, Cibao, El Rey de Fritura, Shining Star, Porky’s Point, and Freddy and Tony’s. Looking back at those reviews, I can only grimace with pride about how much fatty pork I have already consumed in my lifetime. Time for more. Because we all know that the “Latin Flavor” is often fatty, delicious pork.

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Lunch Links (The “So Soup”) Edition

One of my favorite soups, from Sky Cafe

  • 8 new ramens in Philly [Zagat]
  • And other soup recommended by locals [Foobooz]
  • A reminder that I really need to try the train wreck from Beck’s [Foobooz]

German Lunch at The Christmas Village

LOVE Park has been transformed into The Christmas Village for the 7th year in a row. In the style of a traditional, open-air German Christmas Market, huts of crafts and snacks are open daily until Sunday, December 28th. While its around, we might as well take advantage of the quick and unique lunch offerings, tis the season.

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Spice C Hand Drawn Noodles, where Love is Getting Fat Together

Recently, Yummy Lan Zhou on 10th street rebranded to Spice C, a bit hipper and also  less similar in name to the nearby famous Nan Zhou. This rebranding comes with soups that you can order at the “flirting” hot level as well as tshirts (the uniform and available for purchase)  that say “love is getting fat together, so lets eat more.”

The menu is largely similar, with some new dishes. More are on the way in the upcoming weeks along with a remodeling of the interior.

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Lunch Links (The “Spend this weekend eating in Mt. Airy or Chinatown with me” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Vicky Wasik for Serious Eats


  • Knead Bagels now serves lunch sandwiches under $10 [Zagat]
  • This week, Serious Eats weighed in on their “best” cheesesteak in Philly [Serious Eats]
  • Though I prefer the mushroom and tuna, Thad likes the chicken and pork Hai Street rolls [Philly Phoodie]
  • The French rotisserie spot on 11th has opened and serves sandwiches for lunch [Foobooz]
  • Weekend plans? Head to Mt. Airy for the Winter Brunch Sessions and the Holiday Pop Up Crafts Market (all indoors!) [Go Mt. Airy]
  • I have a few spots open for afternoon Chinatown Food Tours this weekend (my morning tour is sold out!) Rain or Shine, I bring you to the best spots- hope you join us!