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Don’t Get Tongue Thai-ed, But I’m Leaving On a Jet Plane

As you may have noticed, it’s been a little slow on ML Philly. That’s because I have been planning a big trip to South East Asia & I leave today! My top priority is street food, naturally! If that’s your thing too, be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter for photo updates.  I will be back in a month with a full report! If you have recommendations for me, please leave them in the comments.

ลา รักคุณ

Laotian Raw Tuna Salad at Ratchada

On Instagram, I saw a picture of a raw tuna salad at Ratchada- South Philly’s Thai/Laotian spot by one of the more popular Vietnamese shopping plazas. I made a visit because I love raw tuna in all forms, but especially in the summer.

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Hotdogs or Curry from Amerithai

When AmeriThai opened in South Philly, I was perplexed by the menu; cheap curry and Thai noodles, but also hot dogs, cheesesteaks, and turkey sandwiches. For my inaugural trip, I stuck to the Thai section of the menu.

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Tuk Tuk Fail

Who wouldn’t be pumped about the opening of a Mexican-Thai spot on South Street? And when Tuk Tul Real, the “thai taqueria,” put out their menu, it still seemed promising- burritos, tacos, tortas, sides, and larger platters with thai flavors. But a great concept isn’t enough to carry a restaurant.

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A Quick Steam Table Stop at Thai Singha House To Go

The Thai food scene in Philly is largely homogenous: decent, but not mind blowing food, with a 3 course special during lunch time. Take out spot Thai Singha House To go is a little different; its homier. The price of lunch from the steam table meal hasn’t changed since the place opened 5 years ago.

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Sa Bai Dee’s Slippery Noodles

H-Mart and the restaurant plaza surrounding it is one of my favorite and most concentrated areas for ethnic dining. The turnover rate is the one negative- your favorite new spot could be gone in a few months, as was the case with El Sabroso and their awesome pupusas. Sa Bai Dee has been around for a few years, however, so they must be doing something right. The approachable  space and menu would appeal to a wide audience. The restaurant does Thai and Loatian food, though more of the menu seems to be straight Thai.

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Life is a Wiggle: Your First Look at Asian Fusion Garden Thai & Noodle Bar

This weekend Asian Fusion Garden Thai & Noodle Bar opened in Washington Square with a Chinese and Thai menu. I tried out some appetizers and a whole bunch of noodles, and have some recommendations if you are planning on getting over there. Plus, a happy discovery- soup dumplings!

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