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Taco Table at Que Chula es Puebla

Hungry for tacos in Nolibs, I steered my group towards Que Chula Es Puebla.  Its one of those no -frills taco spots that are more common in South Philly. The staff happily accommodated our big group and our big bottles of tequila. To start, fresh guacamole and a goblet of mixed seafood in a tomato sauce.

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Other Things I Ate This Week: Tacos Around Town, Sometimes on Tuesdays (NoLibs, GradHo, Italian Market)

 *new weekly feature for 2016: brief photo recaps + not lunch

I have been eating a LOT of tacos lately (I also made some great ones) and though none have been mind blowing, I wanted to recap. Because you only deserve mind blowing and should make informed taco decisions. Plus if you make it to the end, I provide a list of my all time favorites.

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Honduran Fried Pastries at Moctezuma

We all know the Italian Market is 50% the Mexican Market, and I don’t mind, I like it all. But, when there is something even slightly more “novel,” I am all about it. Thus, when I noticed Moctezuma at 9th and Washington served Honduran along with the standard Mexican menu, I immediately stopped my produce shopping and went inside.

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Al Pastor and DIY Margaritas at Los Jimenez in Super South Philly

This Spring, Los Jimenez opened in super South Philly by a seasoned chef and Mexican native. Getting there from non-South Philly parts of the city is a shlep. But for people dedicated to trying all the top tacos in the city, it seems like one of those spots you just have to get to. This is probably one of the smallest taco spots in the city. Largely for take- out, there are a few tables to sit and savor. The staff doesn’t mind.

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South Philly Barbacoa is Beyond

This should be your lunch plan for tomorrow. Only open Friday-Sunday, South Philly Barbacoa recently moved from weekend cart oasis in South Philly to an  Isaiah Zagar decorated space at 11th and Morris- 2 blocks away from where the cart used to be parked.  Like the cart, the main offerings are barbacoa and pancita tacos, the former = slow cooked lamb, the later = organy, lamb loose sausage. I wimped out on the pancita, but I eagerly watched my lamb pieces get pulled apart and placed in the taco for me.

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Dos Tacos in Center City

If I had a dollar for every iteration of casual eatery I have written about that existed at the corner of 15th and Sansom (Aqua, Shank’s, Enzo’s) I could buy quite a few tacos. Dos Tacos opened this summer with a menu of fanciful tacos. They made the most of the small space with Day of the Dead themed wall decorations.  Tacos come 2 to an order, as the name suggests.   Read more »

What Did you Eat for your Cinco de Mayo Lunch?

This year, I am stuck in the office for lunch instead of having a Mexican meal for Cinco De Mayo (Don’t worry, there will be ample tacos and margs consumed later tonight). Last year, I had an epic protein feast from Iztaccihuatl.

There are a LOT of options for Mexican dining today.

Here is my whole Mexican list.

But for the lazy, here are some highlights:

ohh and that time I went to Mexico City

What about you- how are you celebrating? If you aint eating, you aint celebrating.