Al Pastor and DIY Margaritas at Los Jimenez in Super South Philly

This Spring, Los Jimenez opened in super South Philly by a seasoned chef and Mexican native. Getting there from non-South Philly parts of the city is a shlep. But for people dedicated to trying all the top tacos in the city, it seems like one of those spots you just have to get to. This is probably one of the smallest taco spots in the city. Largely for take- out, there are a few tables to sit and savor. The staff doesn’t mind.

For under $10 I tried chorizo, suadero, and the al pastor taco that the chef is known for. And yes, the al pastor was fab. Was it triple better than my other favorites , i.e. El Rodeo Truck? No, but it is damn good. As is the chorizo, and more surprising, the crispy beef suadero that I was glad I ordered. Each comes with a generous amount of protein and an authentic sprinkle of cilantro and onion, with lime on the side.

For something non lunch related, yet totally complimentary to tacos- allow me to wow you with my makeshift margarita. I had been under the impression Los Jimenez served mixers for tequila- not the case. Instead I got a bottle of lime Jarritos, a bottle of pineapple Jarritos, lime, salt, and ice and made something that almost tasted like a margarita! Margarita Macgyver, don’t act like you’re not impressed. As I mentioned earlier, this place is tiny, so margarita induced bathroom trips require a trip through the kitchen. By the time I was ready to leave, the staff and I felt like family. Maybe that was just me?

Los Jimenez, 2654 S. Sixth St., 267-773-8440


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