Clarke’s Standard is Worth Going Over $10

I really like burgers. My answer to the eternal question “Burgers or pizza?” is actually “BURGERSSS OM NOM NOM” to the shame of my New York heritage. So when someone pointed out that I’m reasonably close to Clarke’s Standard and Schnipper’s, I thought “um yes I want a burger RIGHT NOW” (unfortunately, a visit to Schnipper’s is NOT in the works – explanation at the end of this post) and walked the couple avenues east. What I got, and what I thought, after the jump…

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Gary’s Steaks Offers Another Cheesesteak Option in Midtown

Ever since I wrote about Phil’s Steaks, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for Gary’s Steaks – for comparison purposes, because I love cheesesteaks, and because a few readers recommended it to me. When I randomly saw them on 52nd/6th one day, there weren’t that many people waiting, so I quickly placed my order – pictures of the menu, what I got and more after the jump.

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A Closer Look at Some of Bian Dang’s Other Offerings

It’s been a LONG time since anyone here talked about Bian Dang, fka NYC Cravings, so I decided to wander over and try something besides the pork chop or chicken leg over rice. More after the jump.

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Two of Our Five Guys Locations Now Have Shakes!

Five Guys has Shakes

As much as I like Five Guys, I always felt something was missing from my meals there: milkshakes! Well, they’re trying to let us be true to our gluttonous selves by adding shakes to the menu in certain stores, and in Five Guys style with various free add-ins.

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Taipan Express Brings a Blend of Chinese, Indian and Thai to Midtown

Spotted this truck in Midtown on 52nd and 6th on Monday. The Taiwan Fusion Express truck has been around since March and had a brief mention here on Midtown Lunch; they have a brick and mortar location in Queens apparently. I’m always wary of sharing my opinion on Asian food – especially Asian fusion! and my bias against places that offer multiple Asian cuisines (they offer Thai, Chinese and Indian, says their Twitter); my Asian food palate is really rusty and specific to the things with which I grew up and my expectations. Having said that: has anyone tried this truck? What did you get, what did you think? A picture of the menu after the jump…

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Get on Guy Fieri’s radar with the Flavortown dish generator!: Is there ever a point in time when we, the food blogger elite, aren't slamming Guy Fieri enough? Perhaps we're not yet at Peak Flavortown yet, and as such, we present Eater's Guy Fieri Flavortown Dish Name Generator. Click the button, get a dish - and it's definitely worth going to Flavortown for Steven Seagal's saltimbocca bull scraps with Jack Daniels creamed walnuts!

The Steak Freak Cart is No Substitute For a Steakhouse


When we got a tip from a reader about the new Steak Freak cart parked on 52nd and 6th Avenue, I became very interested. Lots of carts serve beef, but I’m not aware of any that specialize in steak. Could this be a “steak house” on wheels that serves steak frites for under $10? Was I expecting too much?

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New Puerto Rican Truck Pulls Into Midtown


Last week, I noticed another large grouping of food trucks along 47th Street between Park and Lexington. We’ve discussed the concerns involved with these seemingly awesome gatherings in the past, but for now, the options on that street are plentiful. The most exciting for me was the discovery of a new truck. Latin Kitchen NYC is bringing Puerto Rican flavors (an under-represented cuisine) to the streets. It turns out this truck is the follow-up to a Bronx restaurant that was featured on Food Network’s Restaurant Stakeout. After testing the waters in the Bronx, the truck started parking in Midtown early last week.

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The Biggest Luke’s Lobster Yet Opens Today in Midtown East


We told you back in April that Luke’s Lobster would be opening a permanent storefront in Midtown East someday soon. Well, that day is today! I got to attend a sneak preview last night and I was amazed at the vastness of the space. If anybody’s been to any of their other locations around the city (or to the truck), you know it’s difficult to order a lobster roll without taking it “to go”. Here, there’s plenty of room to deal with crowds, sit down if you have the time, and most importantly, enjoy the best lobster roll in the city.

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Grazing Through New Eating and Drinking Options at Grand Central

There haven’t been any Earth-shattering changes to the dining scene at Grand Central Terminal (until this happens!), but there are some newer offerings that you may not be aware of. In the interest of stomach space, time, and not taxing your attention spans, I narrowed the newer food and drink options down to a few and was led on a mini-tour through the terminal. Most of the newness is on the dining concourse, but a smattering are at street level. Summer sorbet flavors, meats, fish, and caffeine after the jump!

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