Sons of Thunder Brings Poke to Midtown; Burgers Coming Soon

Walking into Sons of Thunder, I sensed a bit of Shake Shack style. The brand new, slightly out-of-bounds burger joint seems poised to expand with a beach shack vibe. But unlike Shake Shack, the burgers are not quite ready to go (they’re waiting on their gas) and the day I visited, there was nobody inside the place.

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The Ultimate Lunch We Need in Midtown

I love my city. I love how Midtown Lunch has made people WANT to work in Midtown Manhattan for the lunches alone for almost 10 years now. But let’s face it – sometimes other cities do lunch better.

And while Zach has talked about what we need from the Bay Area, Clay told us what’s up with South American lunches, and even Jamie told us what New Orleans has that Philly’s missing – this beats all of those handily with one arm tied behind its back. Blindfolded.

Yat Lok in Hong Kong serves this roast goose over rice so good that I’m tearing up a little remembering lunch on my birthday there. Look at that meat – rich, dark, nearly boneless, just amazing.

What takes this to unreachable perfection in the eyes of you, my dear Midtown Lunch’ers?

They charged me $52 HKD for that plate, which translates to roughly $6.50. The goose leg is more highly-prized (and totally delicious, way fattier – it’s on the table too but not in the picture) and goes for $108 HKD, so this beauty? dirt cheap.

Oh, roast goose… why aren’t you here with me now?

Yat Lok
34-38 Stanley Street
Central, Hong Kong

Climb Up to Dadam for Unique Korean Dishes

I am far from a Korean food expert. I just know that I like it and I’ve dabbled with the usual bibimbap, galbi, mandoo, and soondubu jigae. But recently we got a tip from a reader about a new vendor on the top floor of Food Gallery 32 in the old Angry Chicken space serving Korean stews. I had assumed what I would have found would have been similar to what I have tried before on 32nd Street. I was in for a surprise.

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zOMG Look Who I Found Back in Midtown

I don’t remember the last time I saw Domo Taco in my part of town, but look! I walked past it on Thursday of last week at 53rd and Park. Looks like they’ve shaken their menu up a bit too! Anyone been recently?

Check Twitter for announcements and location info

Bryant Park Holiday Market is Back with a Vegan-pocalypse

You may have noticed that the jingle bells are ringing in Midtown and the crowds have descended around Rockefeller Center. That also means the Bryant Park Holiday Market is back with a smattering of food options. In addition to regular annual vendors like La Sonrisa, TopArepa, and Enfes, there are a few new food options this year.

Strangely, there are now at least three kiosks that cater specifically to vegans. There’s Marty’s V Burger, specializing in brown rice burgers; roasted veggies from The Vedge, and the returning Vegushi doing vegan sushi (which can be pretty delicious)

Other new vendors include Super Mac + Cheez, Saj Mahal, and Mr. Puffin. The complete list of vendors can be found here. They will be open (along with Bryant Park’s usual kiosks, Coffeed, Wafels & Dinges, and Breads) through January 3.

Today is the Last Day for Mexico Blvd

Sadly, another food truck bites the dust. Mexico Blvd who have been a regular Friday visitor to Midtown West announced on Twitter yesterday that they will be shutting down their mobile operation after four years in business. The reasoning given on their website is as expected: impossible permitting system and difficult parking laws among others.

This is the second hugely successful food truck to close this year after The Cinnamon Snail bid adieu back in February. And these are just the publicized closings. I can only imagine how many food carts in less explored neighborhoods close every day due to the difficulties of obtaining a legal permit. Street Vendor Project continues to campaign for lifitng the caps, in order to allow more fair opportunities for small mobile food businesses.

Today will be Mexico Blvd’s last day on the streets. They’ll be parked on 46th and 6th and if you’ve never tried their al pastor tacos with crispy cheese, then today’s the day!

Hai Street Kitchen Introduces Sushi Burritos at Broadway Bites

My commute forces me to walk through the craziness of Broadway Bites. Sure, I could walk around the tents along Sixth Avenue, but sometimes I like to look to see if there’s anything worthwhile. Recently, I noticed a newer stall among the usual overpriced tacos and fancy macarons.

I had never seen Hai Street Kitchen before. Turns out this is a company based in Philly (where the rolls are cheaper) and this is their first venture with Urban Space. Since the lines weren’t too long and there was something to eat at $10 or under, I decided to bite.

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Souvlaki GR is an Oasis in Midtown North

It never made sense to me that most of the Greek restaurants in Midtown are ultra expensive and cater to the expense accounts or splurging tourists. We’ve certainly not been lacking for souvlakis and gyros from trucks and carts (Uncle Gussy’s, Carnegie John’s, Lil Zeus Lunch Box, just to name a few). But sometimes it’s nice to sit down with your tzatziki.

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Biryani Cart Adds Second Location Across Sixth Avenue


A few weeks ago, we told you that Biryani Cart owner Meru Sikder re-launched his fried rice cart Vooter-Adda. Now things have changed once again. The Chinese-Indian fusion cart didn’t work out so well, so instead, Meru has put a second Biryani Cart on 46th Street across the street from the original one.

The menus are exactly the same so if the line is too long on the west side of the street, you can cross over Sixth Avenue and get the same affordable kati rolls and biryani dishes on the NE corner. Now that most of the food trucks have been kicked out of this block, it’s nice to know we have one more option on this side of Sixth.

La Sonrisa Adds a Food Cart on 50th Street

One of the most popular streets for trendy mobile food vendors is 50th Street between 6th and 7th. The good news is that since this block is mostly populated by food carts (as opposed to trucks), the danger of the police shutting it down is lower. So if you work near 50th Street, you won’t have to worry about going hungry anytime soon.

And that’s espeically since this street seems to be the most popular for new food carts trying things out in Midtown. We have Swami, Tuk Tuk Boy, Li-Sal’s, Lil Zeus Lunch Box, and Hyderabad just to name a few.

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