Get Free Nutelasagna Today at 4pm

The incredible Robicelli’s have created a new dessert mash-up that puts that over-hyped cronut to shame. Normally, their Nutelasagna (a baked lasagna made with Nutella, cannoli cream, chopped chocolate, and marshmallows) is only available at their Bay Ridge bakery, which is a bit far for most of us in Midtown.

But the amazing news is that today you can get a taste of this for free in Midtown. They will be giving out 200 free half portions of the creation at the Renaissance Hotel (48th and 7th) today beginning at 4pm. I’d get there early if possible because it can’t last long.

There Are a Few Potential Midtown Lunches at Sachi Asian Bistro


It’s a litte out of bounds, but I wandered over to the newly opened Sachi to see if I could get a decent meal without spending too much money. The sleek, modern restaurant is owned by Pichet Ong (the chef behind Qi Thai) and Andy Yang (the owner of the Rhong-Tiam food truck). We also got word that they offer some lunch specials at under $10.

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The Hummus & Pita Co Heads Up From Downtown

Ready for another shawarma falafel joint? Can’t say Midtown really lacks in this area, but The Hummus and Pita Co just added a shiny new fourth location, right next to Port Authority. Our Downtown counterparts have covered this mini-chain quite a bit, so this place ought to be a safe bet. I spied a flight of stairs leading to more seating above. Will report back soon on whether they’re up to par with their downtown locations.

Hummus & Pita Co. 616 8th Avenue (btw 39+40th)

Grand Central Shake Shack Now Serves Breakfast: If you came through Grand Central today, you may have noticed Shake Shack was open well before lunch time. Eater reports that they are now serving breakfast starting from 7am-10:30am. Burgers and concretes will be swapped out for egg sandwiches and coffee. The sandwiches range from $3.75 to $4.75. Not bad at all. Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

Teriyaki Boy Returns, Just Slightly Out of Bounds

For those of us who have been ML’ers for years, we definitely remember Teriyaki Boy and their $3.99 special. It was a loss when all their locations shuttered.

DNAInfo now brings word that the company is coming back to Midtown. Their first new location will open slightly out of bounds on Second Avenue and 45th Street in January. As you can imagine, the $3.99 special will no longer be available (the owners cite the cheap prices as one of their downfalls), but according to the article no dish will be over $10. They will also specifically focus on chicken teriyaki.

I’m sure it won’t be the same, but it will at least be a bit of nostalgia from the good old (read: cheap) days in Midtown.

Larmen Dosanko Makes a Triumphant Return… to Los Angeles

UntitledIf you’ve been living or working in Midtown for a lot longer than you care to admit, then you might be excited to learn that Larmen Dosanko- the old Japanese noodle chain that had a bunch of locations in New York in the 80s- has returned to the United States.  Sadly the first location is in Los Angeles (Zach wrote about it over on our L.A. site today) and they’ve done a major rebranding job so the yakisoba is gone and the ramen looks way more like a modernized bowl of miso ramen then anything that was being served out of the original locations here in NYC.  

Xian Famous Foods Coming Soon to Midtown South

Goodbye, generic Midtown deli. Hello, Xi’an Famous Foods! This crowd favorite has been expanding well beyond Chinatown and college hoods, educating everyone on regional Xi’an cuisine. And just on the eve of their Greenpoint opening, a reader tips us off that lower Midtown is getting their own location soon on 34th st btw. Madison and 5th! Thank god, since the first midtown location has been crazy since it opened almost two years ago. No opening date posted yet, just some work permits in the window. We’ll let you know when doors officially open!

What better way to warm up during winter than some spicy cumin lamb? Now I really want to be in the wework office, just two doors down, those lucky bastards.

Xi’an Famous Foods, 14 E 34th St. (btw. Mad+5th)

Our First Taste of Simit Sarayi’s Simit Burger


As a general rule, I don’t eat from chain restaurants in this country. Even on a road trip, I’ll drive miles out of my way to find something cheap, local, and without a recognizable logo. But when a foreign chain comes to these shores, I’m more than interested to try it out.

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Shuka Truck Debuts As NYC’s First Mobile Shakshuka Source

Have you thought there was a hole in the street food scene of New York, perhaps one best filled with a truck devoted to a vegetarian egg dish? If you answered “Yes!” then I have good news for you: The Shuka Truck is coming Monday, and it’s starting in Midtown.  The truck is devoted to shakshuka, aka, eggs poached in tomato, onion and spices, which along with other fixings are stuffed in a pita or at least sopped up with it. It’s falafel’s less famous sister in the vegetarian sandwich family.

Three friends from Israel decided to launch the truck, and we’re told that it will be parked at 32nd & Park. As always, you might want to check their location on Twitter before heading out.

Gong Cha Classes Up Bubble Tea Near Bryant Park

Since the closure of Sweet Heaven, Midtown West has been deprived of any serious bubble tea options. Along comes Gong Cha, an international bubble tea chain, to inject some alternatives into your afternoon coffee/tea routine. Their lofty claims of “tea fit for royalty” and lack of neon colors immediately signal that this is not your run-of-the-mill teeny-bopper bubble tea cafe. But how do their drinks taste?

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