Hard Times Sundaes Grills a Killer Burger at Urban Space

We keep writing about Urban Space because the vendors keep changing. Is that their secret plan – to have an article every few weeks on Midtown Lunch?

First we thought Delaney Chicken was the most noteworthy thing that could come out of this hipster food court. And then we learned about ramen from the folks behind Totto Ramen. And now by far the most exciting (yes, even more exciting than the new Liquiteria) is the addition of Hard Times Sundaes.

This might be the most noteworthy of all since it comes from a highly-acclaimed food truck that spent its days in the far reaches of Brooklyn. The closest most of us got was when they were nominated for a Vendy Award this past year.

Now they are in the heart of Midtown and selling their fast food burgers. They also have deep fried hot dogs and grilled cheese.

The burger menu is simple – you just choose a single, double, or triple patty. Each order comes with a choice of three toppings or you can get the works for $1 extra. I stuck with a single since I was trying to keep it somewhat affordable. And I ordered some $4 fries.

It’s a great burger. It really is. The patty is thin but charred nicely and with deep meaty, peppery flavors. The American cheese is melted nicely and if you choose the right (or enough) toppings, you get a a classic lunch.

The only problem is a single might not be enough for most of us and unfortunately a double starts pushing our midday meal into the double digits.

The thin crisp greasy fries were also pretty good, but not necessarily worth the extra $4.

What can we say? This is trendy, expensive Urban Space. It’s a good exciting burger option, but you might want to get your drinks and fries somewhere a bit cheaper. But let’s take a moment to thank the burger gods for one of the neighborhood’s best new options.

UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, 230 Park Avenue (at 45th Street), (212) 529-9262


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