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Hard Times Sundaes Grills a Killer Burger at Urban Space

We keep writing about Urban Space because the vendors keep changing. Is that their secret plan – to have an article every few weeks on Midtown Lunch?

First we thought Delaney Chicken was the most noteworthy thing that could come out of this hipster food court. And then we learned about ramen from the folks behind Totto Ramen. And now by far the most exciting (yes, even more exciting than the new Liquiteria) is the addition of Hard Times Sundaes.

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Even More Changes at UrbanSpace

Urban Space keeps changing their vendors. It appears that some, like Roberta’s, Red Hook Lobster, and Delaney Chicken, aren’t going anywhere any time soon. But other stalls are temporary. After the expected turnover of No. 7 Veggie to Kuro-Obi, news now comes of two other changes. The Asia Dog kiosk has morphed into the most opposite food stall possible: Liquiteria. Instead of kimchi-topped hot dogs, you can now get juices and acai bowls.

A slightly bigger win for gluttons is that the healthy Sips & Bites was replaced by the sushi burrito stylings of Hai Street Kitchen, according to Eater. We’ll also keep you up-to-date as other options come and go.

You Can Finally Take Ramen to Go from Kuro-Obi in UrbanSpace

One of my biggest issues with ramen places like Ippudo and Totto Ramen is that they never let me take the food to go. No doggie bags and no to go orders. So to experience one of those places at prime time, you had no choice but to wait in line and sit at their bar and who has time for that??

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A New Ippudo Concept Replaces No. 7 Veggie in UrbanSpace Vanderbilt

It is definitely ramen season and there’s even more exciting slurpworthy news. Last week Eater announced that Kuro-Obi, a second concept from the Ippudo team, will be replacing the No. 7 Veggie stand at UrbanSpace. The corner booth was always designed as a temporary pop-up and the same will probably be true with the new ramen stall.

The specialty here will be ramens made with a “tori paitan” base which is a creamy chicken broth. There will be add-ons like Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, basil, and thick-cut bacon. And unlike at other Ippudo locations, you can take the soups to-go here.

This is actually the second location of Kuro-Obi, the first being in Times Square’s City Kitchen. It is due to open sometime this week and when I stopped by over the weekend, the stall looked finished and ready to go. Let’s get to slurping!

No. 7 Veggie’s Broccoli Tacos and Some Changes at UrbanSpace

After the craziness of opening week, I’ve been terrified to return to UrbanSpace. There are plenty of food vendors I have not yet tried, but I can’t handle the crowds (not to mention the overpriced food).

Yet over the weekend I found myself hungry for a bite nearby and thought I’d check it out again. I can tell you weekends (or perhaps before or after the weekday lunch rush) is the time to visit this food court. I had time to walk around, snap some photos, and order some food rather quickly.

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UrbanSpace Vanderbilt Is Seriously Crazy

As reported by Brian earlier, UrbanSpace Vanderbilt is CRAZY. His first words “The things we do for you, dear readers” could not ring more true because I HATE CROWDS (and when he reported how bad it was via email on Friday, I considered bailing). My impression was slightly different than his – crazier in some aspects, less crazy in others – what I ate, what I thought, and all of that after the jump.

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UrbanSpace Continues to Take Over Midtown with Garment District

As if the madness surrounding the overpriced Vanderbilt food court wasn’t enough, UrbanSpace has brought back another one of their outdoor food markets. Yesterday marked the first day of a new version of UrbanSpace Garment District along Broadway around 41st Street. Many familiar vendors, like Hill Country, Taco Bono, and Black Iron Burger return. They’re joined by this year’s Vendy Award winner Home Frite, Batter & Cream whoopie pies, Big Papa Smoke’M Smoked Meats, and many more. For a complete list of vendors, click here. The market runs through October 24.

UrbanSpace Vanderbilt Is Even Crazier Than You’d Expect

The things we do for you, dear readers. On Friday, I entered the belly of the beast by attempting to find some affordable food at UrbanSpace Vanderbilt on its second official day of business. I was anticipating crowds and waits in line, but I had not braced myself for total mass chaos.

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UrbanSpace Vanderbilt Is Now Open

Those who get lunch near Grand Central have a big reason to rejoice! Yesterday was the first official day of UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, a new food court run by the team behind Broadway Bites and Penn Plates.

Before you assume it will all be the same stuff, let us tell you about some exciting new additions. Sure, you’ll now be able to get Roberta’s pizza in Midtown all year long and there will be another outpost of Red Hook Lobster Pound and Asia Dog, but Daniel Delaney of Briskettown fame will be debuting his fried chicken stand, there will be gyros from Amali, preserved fish dishes from downtown’s Maiden Lane, and Brooklyn favorite Mimi’s Hummus. Not to mention coffee from Toby’s Estate and dessert from Ovenly, Dough, A.B. Biagi, and more.

We’ll have a full report next week, but this is a huge win for Midtown lunchers, even if the prices are a little higher than we hope. Early adoptors, leave your thoughts below.

UrbanSpace brings plethora of flavors to Garment District for next 6 weeks

Could the weather be any more perfect on Monday for the debut UrbanSpace’s latest batch of open air food stalls in the Garment District? I must have steered clear of these pricy but creative events for long enough that the lineup looks new to me. Sure there’s a couple of known names like Arancini Bros, Red Hook Lobster Pound, MMM Enfes, and Mayhem & Stout, but a whole slew of the multi-cultural remixes are also out peddling their creations.

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