“Times Sq. Food Market” City Kitchen Opens Today!

City Kitchen had their soft opening last night and opens to the public today at 11am. This is the latest addition to the growing NYC trend of ‘food halls’ – although some might question whether or not 9 vendors actually qualifies as a food hall. In any case, since the food at soft openings can vary drastically from what you actually get from a place once it’s open (both in terms of quality and portion size, since they want you to try everything), I’m going to just share with you the prices/photos of the posted menus, without comment. Well… without much comment.

Gabriela’s Taqueria (click twice to get the menu to show larger) – for some reason, also offers rotisserie chicken in addition to their tacos. The price is obscured by spotlight; $9 for a quarter chicken, $18 for a half. Comes with rice and beans. Gabriela’s salad (it does not say what’s in it) is $11, add chicken for $3 and add steak for $6. I think the other prices are visible in the photo.

More importantly they have breakfast tacos! Which are served until 11am, though I was informed the entire hall opens at 11. Maybe they open earlier? Not sure.
(Note: someone contacted me to let me know the hours are actually 6:30a – 9:00p.)

Dough had plenty of doughnuts on display, and the set up to make them fresh, but their menu (wisely?) displayed no prices.

Azuki offers plenty of under $10 appetizers and salads.

Kuro Obi offers three types of ramen in their special ‘take out’ friendly collection. I’m not sure how I understand thinner noodles holding up better for takeout, but I did try them and the noodles themselves are quite springy. I didn’t transport them anywhere though.

Wooly’s is serving up shaved ice.

Across from Wooly’s is a cute pretzel cart – Sigmund’s. They had no posted menu, but I asked the guy manning the cart. Plain or salted pretzels are $3, flavored are all $4, and the “uber” pretzel – which is bigger than my face – will cost you $6.

Whitman’s offers up burgers and its accompaniments. Everything except the “special” is under $10. I’m guessing the special rotates.

ilili box, the casual offshoot of personal favorite ilili, has interesting Lebanese accented items like duck shwarma (the only item well over $10). Prices were once again obscured by glaring lights: kale fattoush 8.27; Phoenician fries 2.98; Brussels sprouts 7.35; Hommus 2.76; House hot sauce 0.69; Garlic whip 1.38.

Finally, Luke’s Lobster, which, as expected, has only one item under $10 – the shrimp roll alone, for $8. Is this new – the calorie counts are posted. Do they have that many locations now (I forget the minimum number of locations before law requires you post calorie counts)?

As far as I know, the Kitchen’s open today – I don’t think this weather is going to affect that. I only took one awkwardly angled photo of the space (which was crowded with people) – there are stools around the edge next to the windows for you to sit and eat, and there’s another space adjacent that has tables but is technically part of the hotel, but I’m sure you can take your food there to eat.

Early adopters, let us know in comments if it was busy and what you thought!

City Kitchen at Row NYC
700 8th Avenue at 44th Street


  • You had me at ‘duck shwarma’. Goddamn this weather.

    • I did get to try that — I wasn’t really thrilled with the texture nor taste, but hoping that was just a fluke of this type of event. When you get it, let us know how it was!

      • Had this today. I thought I was in for a major letdown when I first saw the size of the duck shwarma – looked absolutely puny compared to a proper NYC shwarma off the spit. But I have to say, it was more filling than I thought it would be, and it was delicious. The duck was cooked perfectly and the flavors in the sauce only complemented, didn’t overpower.

        What may end up being the dealbreaker is the price. For the shwarma and a side of Phoenician fries (served with garlic whip, also quite good) I am 17 bucks lighter. While it was a good meal and I am definitely full, I am going to have a hard time justifying that price tag.

      • Thanks for the update! It sounds delicious, but, as you say, pricy. Like a long lunch, maybe just a once in a while treat yo’self type of meal…

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    Most of the Dough flavors are $3 and they are the size of bagels!

  • Shaved ice for $8 … jesus wept

    • Never mind that – the guys in the Whitman’s booth are charging six dollars for A PICKLE.

      • Ironic when you consider that I felt Whitman’s had the most items that are in line with ML’s pricing “policy” – not that this makes it any better, but it’s for multiple pickles… if that helps at all? I mean, the menu says “pickles” at least?

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