UrbanSpace brings plethora of flavors to Garment District for next 6 weeks

Could the weather be any more perfect on Monday for the debut UrbanSpace’s latest batch of open air food stalls in the Garment District? I must have steered clear of these pricy but creative events for long enough that the lineup looks new to me. Sure there’s a couple of known names like Arancini Bros, Red Hook Lobster Pound, MMM Enfes, and Mayhem & Stout, but a whole slew of the multi-cultural remixes are also out peddling their creations.

How many types of street tacos alone are at this current incarnation? Domo Taco, Taco Bono, Jicama (California Street Food), Fire Belly Korean BBQ, Frida’s Favorites…but they all have their own styles. Jicama has potential with their 3 Jicama tacos for $9.75, and 2 tamales for $8.75.

Domo taco has a 3 taco special at $9. Mix and match to cover land and sea in one meal!

Be warned, at Fire Belly Korean BBQ, their 3 tacos at $10 don’t include the $5 shrimp taco.

I find Drum & Butter difficult to justify with so many cheaper fried chicken places along 8th Ave. nearby, but do those places have red velvet waffles with it? Unlikely.

Then again, if you look at the a la carte menu, you’re essentially paying $3 for that red velvet waffle. Instead, you might want to get another piece of chicken a la carte at those prices.

Heard of coconut chicken or crab cake inside an empanada? La Sonrisa makes it easy to try at $3.75 for most of their offerings.

Taco Bono offers their fried empanadas at a much cheaper 5 for $10, but you’ll be getting more traditional flavors.

Frida’s Favorites got my attention with the best scent (before I made it down to the Brazilian booth) and large containers for a good price.

Toum brings more mediterranean sandwiches to the area. Do we really need more? But I appreciate their prices staying within $10.

Oddly enough, Black Iron Burger a few blocks away is in the mix, but perhaps useful for those unwilling to deal with their crazy waits for a table. Then again, I took at least 15 minutes to get my food from Frida’s Favorites.

I really wanted to like the temaki concept at Uma Temakeria, but at $6.50 a pop, I’m not feeling the bang for my buck. Maybe if they priced down the 2 temaki set just a bit, I’d attempt one.

For the next six weeks, I’ll be happily trading up my regular lunch spots for these new flavors. Sure there’s a lot to navigate within the three blocks long of vendors. (Steer clear of itty bitty duck confit wontons at $8!) Be vigilant with the prices and you’ll enjoy this spring addition to the Garment District. Give them a try and let us know which is your favorite vendor! My current fave? Newcomer, Frida’s Favorites! But it’s just Week 1.

Urban Space Garment District, 41st & Broadway.  Through June 14th.  


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