UrbanSpace Vanderbilt Is Now Open

Those who get lunch near Grand Central have a big reason to rejoice! Yesterday was the first official day of UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, a new food court run by the team behind Broadway Bites and Penn Plates.

Before you assume it will all be the same stuff, let us tell you about some exciting new additions. Sure, you’ll now be able to get Roberta’s pizza in Midtown all year long and there will be another outpost of Red Hook Lobster Pound and Asia Dog, but Daniel Delaney of Briskettown fame will be debuting his fried chicken stand, there will be gyros from Amali, preserved fish dishes from downtown’s Maiden Lane, and Brooklyn favorite Mimi’s Hummus. Not to mention coffee from Toby’s Estate and dessert from Ovenly, Dough, A.B. Biagi, and more.

We’ll have a full report next week, but this is a huge win for Midtown lunchers, even if the prices are a little higher than we hope. Early adoptors, leave your thoughts below.


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    Checked it out the other night around 6PM. Pretty dead – still a soft opening. I’ve heard it’s mobbed at lunchtime.

    Sorry, hate to be a curmudgeon but it just looked like more artisanal junk food. Hot dogs, fried chicken, tacos, pizza and noodles at sky-high prices. I always feel like a chump at these places. $6.00 for one taco?

    Maybe the lobster is worth the price but most of this stuff can be had for much cheaper (and more authentically) on Lexington Ave or further down 45th st.

  • This place is MOBBED LIKE CRAZY!!! But hey, if I can get Dough and Roberta’s all the time….then WOO HOOO!!! Hell with the rest.

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