Get A $12 Meal Delivered to Your Office Today by Maple

Eater reported that the popular food delivery service Maple (which counts David Chang as one of its investors) has just expanded to south Midtown. And while I expected this to be an over-priced fancy schmancy delicery service, it sounds like it could be a true Midtown Lunch option if you’re willing to splurge by just 2 bones.

Every day, you can choose from a list of chef-prepared dishes like shrimp biryani and cumin-roasted chicken breast. The food will be delivered to your office (assuming you work in the delivery zone) for $12 total. Tax, tip, and delivery fees are included and they guarantee a 30 minute delivery time.

The added delivery zone is between Eighth Avenue and Park Avenue anywhere between 14th and 42nd Street, but I imagine that will expand in the future. There are also desserts available from Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi and Ample Hills ice cream. Check out the website and app by clicking here.

I think it’s fair to increase the ML budget to $12 for this, but what remains to be seen is if the food is worth it and the portion sizes match the price. Anybody have a chance to check this out yet? Leave feedback in the comments below.

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    Not in midtown, but everybody in my office gets Maple all the time in the fidi. Portion sizes are small, but not unreasonably so– we all tend to eat too much anyway.

    They offer a choice between a couple curated choices every day, with a ton of variety, and the food tends to be much higher quality and more consistent than you’d see from your local bodega. Healthier, too. You don’t get the feeling that some dude blew his nose on your bread or brushed rat feces off the salad like you do so often in NYC.

    Also the delivery guys are paid above minimum wage and given health benefits, and the tip is included in the $12, so you don’t need to worry about it.

    I generally feel like Maple is a force for good in the universe. Until the first scandal hits, anyway.

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