New Coney Shack Truck Spotted in Midtown

Some of the best advertisements for food trucks are when they drive around the city – not selling a thing – just driving around. This is how I noticed a truck I had never seen before. It was called the Coney Shack and upon doing my research, I’m eager to find them when they’re actually selling food.

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Zhá Pan Asian Introduces Vendy-Winning Food to Broadway Bites


Joining the likes of Madison Square Eats and Garment District, Broadway Bites has resurfaced for the early part of the summer. Prices here are also frustratingly high and lines can be long, but there are a few gems among the usual crop of vendors, including last year’s Vendy Award for Best Market Vendor.

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Holy Shit… Today is Our 9 Year Anniversary

Roast Pork, Rice & Plantains @ Cafe Cello, NYC Midtown

It’s hard to believe but 9 Years ago today I posted my very first review on Midtown Lunch.  I know it’s been a tough few years for the site while I’ve tried to figure out exactly what to do with it, and how to keep it going from almost 3000 miles away.  As I’m sure you know, none of us really make any money from this site.  We do it because we know it’s a worthwhile endeavor, and we also love it. And most importantly it’s a great excuse to stuff our faces every day at lunchtime.  Thanks for being so patient, and sticking with us all these years.

Here’s Where We’re Getting our Free Donut Today

Dough Doughnuts at CultureI don’t condone making sweets your entire lunch, but don’t waste free food opportunities! Today is National Donut Day, which means you can score a free Krispy Kreme flavor of your choice. Unfortunately, at Dunkin’ you have to first pay for a drink, before receiving a free donut (though if you already run on Dunkin’ coffee, this one’s a no brainer.)
If you’re more for “artisanal” New York-based donuts, head to Dough inside the newish City Kitchen. Dough blows the competition away with amazingly airy texture and unique flavors, including a new matcha flavor launching today. Sorry, it’s not free, but if you buy 6, you’re entered to win a year’s supply of donuts. Now THAT wouldn’t be diabetes-inducing at all. Hope you get your donut fix today!

Breads Bakery Kiosk Finally Open in Bryant Park

We’ve been anticipating the first offshoot of rightfully popular Breads Bakery for some weeks now, but I had only seen carpentry happening at the kiosk site on the northwest corner of Bryant Park. No need to hold your breath any longer, because as of last Wednesday, they’re open for business AND looks like we’re getting a reprieve for today from the deluge!

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Shuka Truck Offers Something New to The Truck World


The Shuka Truck has been floating around the streets for a few months now, but has recently become a regular fixture among the food truck gatherings in Midtown.

They are certainly offering something new from a truck, which is always exciting. Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern dish (often associated with Israel) that is basically eggs cooked with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and spices. What could be bad?

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Lunch’er Copyboy Reports: Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen II

Back in March Yvo reported that Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen II was coming to 55th & Lex.  Lunch’er Copyboy checked in last week to let us know that it was open and to file this report. 


I was wandering Midtown East searching for lunch with my wife when we realized we were just down the block from Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen II, which opened two weeks ago. My initial report after a plate of noodles: the food is outstanding but the prices leave me a little confused about this restaurant’s mission.

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UberEATS expands service up to 59th Street

So Uber waited all of two weeks to roll out UberEATS to the rest of Midtown. Since initial launch, they’ve been tweaking their food delivery service, lowering prices (below $10!), eliminating the delivery fee, etc. Apparently they’re comfortable enough to roll out to the rest of Midtown! They claim delivery fees will start next week, But note that the delivery fees are still absent from their initial launch areas, so lets hope delivery fees stay clear in their newly expanded territory. Who’s willing to take the bait? Would love to hear someone’s feedback on their promise of good food delivered under 10 minutes. As for me, I’m gonna take my full lunch hour outdoors until hurricane tropical storm season sets in.

Indikitch’s Second Location Brings Dosa Tacos to Midtown West

This popular Indian version of Chipotle has expanded beyond its Flatiron store to Midtown West, in the old Ladino space. This real estate has had a LOT of turnover, but Indikitch will most likely be holding its ground for awhile here. With their prices and flavors, it’s a no-brainer for lunch in this area.

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DF Nigerian Brings the Funk to Street Food

We got a hot tip yesterday that a food truck serving Nigerian food had been spotted in Midtown East. Was there really a rare bird like this so close to my office? Why, yes, yes there was. And the DF Nigerian food truck serves some unique food that doesn’t shy away from funky flavors.  Read more »