UberEATS expands service up to 59th Street

So Uber waited all of two weeks to roll out UberEATS to the rest of Midtown. Since initial launch, they’ve been tweaking their food delivery service, lowering prices (below $10!), eliminating the delivery fee, etc. Apparently they’re comfortable enough to roll out to the rest of Midtown! They claim delivery fees will start next week, But note that the delivery fees are still absent from their initial launch areas, so lets hope delivery fees stay clear in their newly expanded territory. Who’s willing to take the bait? Would love to hear someone’s feedback on their promise of good food delivered under 10 minutes. As for me, I’m gonna take my full lunch hour outdoors until hurricane tropical storm season sets in.

Indikitch’s Second Location Brings Dosa Tacos to Midtown West

This popular Indian version of Chipotle has expanded beyond its Flatiron store to Midtown West, in the old Ladino space. This real estate has had a LOT of turnover, but Indikitch will most likely be holding its ground for awhile here. With their prices and flavors, it’s a no-brainer for lunch in this area.

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DF Nigerian Brings the Funk to Street Food

We got a hot tip yesterday that a food truck serving Nigerian food had been spotted in Midtown East. Was there really a rare bird like this so close to my office? Why, yes, yes there was. And the DF Nigerian food truck serves some unique food that doesn’t shy away from funky flavors.  Read more »

$1 Burrito Alert: Just got word that the new Dos Toros (on Lexington btw. 45+46th) is having their Grand Opening today- for obvious reasons.  Score $1 Burritos, Tacos, Platos, + Quesadillas until 3pm, and then again from 5pm to 8pm.

UrbanSpace brings plethora of flavors to Garment District for next 6 weeks

Could the weather be any more perfect on Monday for the debut UrbanSpace’s latest batch of open air food stalls in the Garment District? I must have steered clear of these pricy but creative events for long enough that the lineup looks new to me. Sure there’s a couple of known names like Arancini Bros, Red Hook Lobster Pound, MMM Enfes, and Mayhem & Stout, but a whole slew of the multi-cultural remixes are also out peddling their creations.

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Luke’s Lobster Truck Has Moved to New Jersey

We saw a tweet last week from Luke’s Lobster truck saying that they will be leaving New York for good and heading to greener pastures in… New Jersey.

The company will be opening a brick-and-mortar location in Hoboken and then keeping their truck close by. Their website does not give details as to why they’ve given up on the city, but I can only imagine it has something to do with the difficult permitting situation and the heavy regulations for food trucks. After Cinnamon Snail’s untimely departure, this is the second Vendy Award-winning truck to close in the last few months

Thursday was the truck’s last day, but you can still get their seafood rolls at their Midtown East, City Kitchen, and Plaza Food Court locations.

UberEATS Now Roaming Lower Midtown (And Delivery is Free Today!)

How does Uber’s service manage to survive in a place where taxis are readily available? By delivering (arguably) superior service. And now Uber wants to join the New York food delivery party. We already have Seamless, Grubhub, Delivery.com, Eat24, Caviar…I don’t even know anymore! So how is UberEATS gonna standout in this crowded space?

For our purposes, the service will only cover the southern end of Midtown, from 40th Street down, during 11a-2p, but I’m sure if all goes well, they would expand the delivery range and times. The service is within the Uber app. Just move the slider from UberX/UberBlack/etc to EATS, and your map will display the cars driving around with the food, along with the day’s menu. Select the items you want, and they’re automatically charged to your saved card. Uber guarantees an ETA of less than 10 minutes, but my location has averaged 4 minutes. That’s much shorter than the amount of time for my building’s elevator to get me to street level. Why do I even need to factor that in? Apparently Uber’s “delivery” doesn’t go beyond the curbside. On the upside, 4 minutes is way below the average Seamless delivery wait time. However, we’re talking about food that’s already been prepared, sitting on cars. It’ll be interesting to see how fresh the food actually is.

Uber gets around this fact by serving a limited menu of sandwiches and salads. The menu switches daily, but it always sticks to one sandwich option around $15, and one salad option around $12. Occasionally a drink is also available. These prices are already beyond ML budget. Tack on the $4 flat delivery fee, and we’re almost in the range of special occasion lunch. Luckily for you, Uber’s nixed the delivery fee for today (and maybe until they get enough traction), so I just might splurge on today’s lobster roll.

Now if only Uber would let us order included EATS for our Uber car rides, I’d be on board for that!

Vive La Crepe joins the French fray around Columbus Circle

Crepe lovers rejoice! Although Columbus Circle has a plethora of casual french eateries (mostly above ML budget), no crepe maker has set up shop til now. Mini chain Vive La Crepe added another spot across from Carnegie Hall about a month ago. Just walking by, I inhaled that wonderful whiff of sugar and butter, but I had already bought some bread at Maison Kayser, so I’d have to wait til another meal to try them out. The crêpes range from $6.50 to $10, with plenty of savory options available. The crêpes looked nice and thin, browned perfectly.

I only wonder if they’ll stuff each crepe with enough filling to constitute a meal, not just a snack. Give it a try and let us know!

Vive La Crepe, 912 7th Ave. (b/w 57th and 58th St.)

Delimanjoo truck sweetens the Ktown block

Got a sweet tooth and don’t need anything savory for lunch? You’re in luck because the Korean dessert chain, Delimanjoo, is staking out territory in Ktown as a street cart. Freshly made cake waffles shaped as fish or corn, stuffed with different fillings are their specialties. I’ve only seen them in Chinatown and Flushing Mall, which have plenty of similar options, but they’re a welcomed addition to Midtown.

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Nanoosh Goes West With New Location on 7th Ave.

Oh, hello. A new poster-plastered storefront spotted in the heart of Garment District! There’s already a Nanoosh all the way on Madison, but not on the west side. Then again, not sure if the hood really needs yet another hummus-centric menu. The Hummus and Pita Company (on 8th btw. 39+40th) is currently my favorite, though there’s plenty of other mediocre choices. No opening date just yet, but if we’re lucky enough, they’ll do another free giveaway? If you’ve been to their other locations, let us know how you feel about a new branch in Midtown West.

Nanoosh, 469 7th Ave. (b/w 35th and 36th St.)