BanzoBar is Now Closed

I wandered by BanzoBar on Third Ave and 57th the other day and saw that they had a big For Rent sign on the window. It looks like they’ve been shuttered since the beginning of the year. We’ve never been a huge fan of their falafel and pitas, but it’s always sad to see a small business go. The good news is both Omar’s and SoomSoom are just a few blocks away.

Alidoro Now Serves Hot Sandwiches But They Are Expensive

After trying the new paninis from Italian import Antico Noe, I was eager to re-visit the New York-grown Alidoro. I also recently learned that the company now offers a handful of hot toasted sandwiches at their Midtown location only.

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Even More Changes at UrbanSpace

Urban Space keeps changing their vendors. It appears that some, like Roberta’s, Red Hook Lobster, and Delaney Chicken, aren’t going anywhere any time soon. But other stalls are temporary. After the expected turnover of No. 7 Veggie to Kuro-Obi, news now comes of two other changes. The Asia Dog kiosk has morphed into the most opposite food stall possible: Liquiteria. Instead of kimchi-topped hot dogs, you can now get juices and acai bowls.

A slightly bigger win for gluttons is that the healthy Sips & Bites was replaced by the sushi burrito stylings of Hai Street Kitchen, according to Eater. We’ll also keep you up-to-date as other options come and go.

Jacques Torres in GCT Now Serves Savory Sandwiches

Eater reported that chocolate master Jacques Torres is now turning his hand to making savory food. Starting this week, the Grand Central location has turned out a small menu of composed sandwiches.

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Mid-Mid-Midtown Dos Toros Plywood Spotted

Guess what I spotted??

Dos Toros plywood!

Where it was and another fantastic pic, after the jump.

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Anitco Noè Brings Real Italian Panini to Midtown East

This one is a tip from our good friend Yvo, who let us know that there is a new Italian sandwich company in town. Antico Noè is an old-school panini shop from Florence that has been introduced to Midtown thanks to some fans of the original one.

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Wafels & Dinges Now Delivers via Seamless

Wafels & Dinges has started to offer delivery through Seamless. The waffles will be coming from either their Bryant Park or Herald Sqaure kiosks, so it shouldn’t take too long to get some warm waffles on your desk if you work on the west side. Check Seamless for their menu and delivery range. Has anybody tried the delivery yet? Are the waffles as good as at the actual locations?

Celebrate Tri-Trip’s Birthday with $1 Sandwiches at Grand Central

Tri-Trip Grill has been open in Grand Central Terminal for four years now. And to celebrate their birthday, they will be offering their Little Buck tri-tip sandwiches today only starting at noon for just $1. Chips and soda can be added for just $3.25. The deal is only available at the GCT location and only while supplies last. Plus I can imagine lines, so I’d start heading to Grand Central right about now!

Chick-Fil-A Announces Their Second Location in Midtown

Most of you may be thinking “What New York needs is more fried chicken sandwiches, more food chains, and more waiting in line.” Well, you are in luck because Gothamist reported yesterday that Chick-Fil-A will be opening thier second location in Midtown this spring. It will be on 46th and 6th less than ten blocks away from its Herald Square location on 37th and 6th. Perhaps this will mean the first location will have less of a line situation, but I somehow doubt it.

The Flying Pig Jianbing Truck Does One Thing and Does It Well

Last week I stumbled upon a bright yellow truck without much signage and no line parked on 52nd between 6th and 7th Avenue. It’s called The Flying Pig Jianbing and it was difficult to find a menu because they only do one thing.

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