Turkish Bagel Company Simit Sarayi Coming Soon to Fifth Avenue


A Turkish chain called Simit Sarayi already has a big sign on Fifth Avenue (between 38th and 39th Street) announcing their arrival. No word yet on exactly when they will open, but it looks like they are pretty close.

As the name suggests, they’ll serve up simits, which are basically Turkish-style bagels – much thinner and crisper than the NYC dough bombs. Great for sandwiches. You can already get them at Mmm… Enfes a few blocks away, but now those on the east side won’t have to cross Fifth Avenue. According to the menus from their Turkey locations, we can also expect baked goods and meals like Turkish ravioli and grilled meatballs.

Simit Sarayi, 435 Fifth Avenue New York NY

Schnitzi Introduces Us to the Expensive Schnitzel


I don’t know when it happened, but food truck prices have soared. Case in point: a brand new truck hit the streets called Schnitzi. They’re connected to a kosher restaurant in Coney Island. Based on the Brooklyn restaurant’s menu online, the prices on the truck are higher than at the restaurant!!

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Mike & Jen’s Camión Truck Brings More Modern Mexican to the Streets


I noticed a new truck on 46th Street between 5th and 6th last Thursday. It was pretty bare bones with a brown faux wooden facade and a scaled-down menu. It looks like it’s called Camión, but upon closer inspection it’s actually called Mike & Jen’s Camión.

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Final Vendy Award Nominees Announced!

The Vendy Awards are almost upon us and yesterday the final nominees were announced. Competing for the Vendy Cup, are five very different vendors. An old time Vendy and ML favorite who has never won the big award is Cinnamon Snail, along with last year’s Rookie of the Year Nuchas; a previous regular in Midtown who now mostly vends in Soho and Brooklyn, Desi Food Truck; El Rey del Taco a family run business out in Astoria; and the legendary Lechonera La Pirana, a machete yielding meat man who specializes in Puerto Rican lechon. The competition just got real. Tickets are still available for the September 13 event and can be purchased here or you can enter to be a Citizen judge by sharing your food photos.

Mysttik Masaala Offers Indian, Tibetan and Nepali From a Cart

On my walk to Clarke Standard, I’d noticed a line that snaked out the door and curved around the building… and when I peeked inside, there was even more line to go! What was this amazing place that so many Midtown workers were spending precious lunch minutes waiting to consume? … It was Dishes. Yes, Dishes – so I continued on my merry way, except I noticed a cart outside this line that also attracted its share of people… the Mysttik Masaala cart, which boasts Indian, Tibetan and Nepali items. The menu and more after the jump

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Wake Up Your Tastebuds with Week Three of our Lunch Rush Tours

Week three of our special food cart tours gets under way today with some spicy food. After Eat Street Meat and Sandwich Days, this week we will focus on high scoville levels from three different mobile food vehicles each day. Today, we’re going to Bring the Heat along Park Avenue (high 40′s/low 50′s), tomorrow focuses on fiery food options on 6th Avenue (40′s/50′s), and Thursday we’ll be in the Financial District. Expect Mexican, Korean, Jamaican, and Egyptian food that will scorch your tastebuds. We do incude a bottle of water, but I’m afraid a glass of milk is not included.

Tickets are available until 30 minutes before each tour at the Turnstile Tours website. Each tour starts at 1pm and runs just under an hour (wuth enough time to get back to your office before your boss realizes you’re gone). Percentage of the ticket sales are donated to the Street Vendor Project. So breathe fire for a good cause!

Want to Be A Vendy Awards Judge? Here’s How…

Our favorite event of the year is only two weeks away, and to celebrate their 10th Anniversary the Vendy Awards are choosing their “Citizen Judge” a little differently this year. Want it to be you? All you have to do is submit a photo of your favorite street food tagged with #VendyCitizenJudge and @VendyAwards on Twitter or Instagram, and you’re entered to win. Entries will be collected between now and September 4th and the winner will be chosen by our founder Zach Brooks, in collaboration with the Vendys, on September 8th. The winner will receive a ticket to the Vendy Awards and a seat on the judging panel. (Transport is not included.)

Make sure you follow @VendyAwards on either Twitter or Instagram so they can direct message you if you are a winner. And we’ll see you at the Vendys on September 13th!

Week Two of Our Lunch Rush Tours Starts Today and Worships the Sandwich

Thanks to all those who celebrated street meat with us on our inaugural week of hour-long Lunch Rush Tours around Midtown and the Financial District.

The feasts continue this week as we turn our attention to the humble little sandwich. On each tour, expect lots of meat and cheese between bread as we visit three different carts or trucks preparing their own take on the universal dish. There will be Asian, Mexican, American, and Italian sandwiches. Today, we’ll be touring along Park Avenue (in the high 40′s/low 50′s), Tuesday will be in the Financial District, and on Thursday we’ll be hanging out on Sixth Avenue (in the 40′s).

This is the perfect thing to do for those bored with their usual lunch routine. Tickets can be purchased at the Turnstile Tours website here and a percentage of the ticket sales are donated to the Street Vendor Project. Each tour runs about an hour (or under) and begins at 1pm. So it’ll be easy enough to sandwich it into your lunch break.

Langos Truck Brings Hungarian Fried Dough to Midtown


Tacos, pizza, burgers, lobster rolls. Those dishes are pretty much covered when it comes to food truck offerings. I have to admit I’m getting a bit bored by all the new food trucks serving variations of the same thing. Enter the Langos Truck to save the day.

This truck debuted at the beginning of the summer, but has made limited visits to Midtown. I caught them once in the FiDi and then again last week in Midtown. Their schedule is a bit more varied, including some under-served neighborhoods like Sunnyside and Borough Park. But they need to show Midtown a bit more love. Especially since they’re offering something completely different.

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Domo Arigato for Domo Taco’s Take on Asian Tacos

I’ve been slowly making my way through the entire Luck Mgmt empire (aka Bian Dang’s fellow trucks), and Domo Taco was long overdue (I know, Fun Buns, I’m coming for you…). When I saw they were parked at 52nd/6th, I headed over and reluctantly waited in line… except there was no line, it was just people who had already ordered standing around in the way. People, let this be a public service announcement: once you’ve placed your order, step to one side and don’t block people trying to order. I promise you no one will steal your food if you let other people order, plus: if your crowding around the truck discourages people from ordering, your favorite truck may just not get enough customers and then close and then you have screwed yourself out of great lunch.


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