Chick Fil A Opens Amid Much Fanfare in Midtown Southwest

In case you live under a rock, Chick Fil A finally opened up their first ‘real’ NYC location at 37th and 6th Avenue. Lines have been crazy long but well-organized based on some things I’ve seen on my Facebook feed, so I imagine the protesters and controversy surrounding the chain hasn’t really done much to dampen the enthusiasm for fried chicken sandwiches.

There was a crazy opening ceremony that included their giving away “Chicken For A Year” to 100 lucky winners, which is described in explicit detail over at Gawker. Be warned – that’s a super long story that is entertaining and fun to read, but the bottom line is: that Gawker reporter is a genius for masking his (her?) Maker’s Mark as sweet tea by using lots of ice, but that Gawker reporter is also a complete moron for ruining his/her $4000 Macbook by waiting in the rain to be a part of the contest and winning what amounts to roughly $400 of fast food fried chicken sandwiches.

In any case, any early adopters out there? Let us know in comments what you think about Chick Fil A, or where we can find really delicious fried chicken sandwiches elsewhere in midtown that are under the $10 mark… and I will eat them all.

Chick Fil A, 1000 Avenue of the Americas (and 6th Avenue), New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 704-9920


  • What’s a Chick-fil-a?

    My rock is cozy.

  • Lining up for fast food … Jesus wept

  • What’s with the homophobic shops opening up in NYC. First Barella, now this?

  • I was one of the First 100–got the swag and the year-long gift card and got to spend the night in a fast-food restaurant. The Gawker write-up was pretty accurate. And the writer was pretty dumb for not having a waterproof backpack in the rain.

    • Oh yeah: the chicken was really good (as always)–thick, tender, moist. We only got waffle chips, not fries, so I can’t comment on the fries (yet).

  • Why eat Chick Fil A When you get can Fuku Chicken Sandwich!!!

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    Any thoughts on when the line will become more manageable for a lunch here? Maybe a few weeks or more likely to be months?

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      The line actually moves shockingly fast. I almost turned around when I saw the line was down the block last week, but they have markers telling you how long the wait is from various points. When I got on line, I was near the sign that said 15 minutes, and that’s pretty much how long the wait was. Downside (last Monday, anyway) was that I had to endure them blasting “Celebration” and “Welcome to NY” while a guy on a megaphone tried to get everyone excited about drinking sweet tea.

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    Please do not give any further publicity to this restaurant. Their policies are offensive and their political affiliations are worse.

    • Chick Fil A is YUM!! On the other hand, your affiliations offend me.

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      Please don’t tell me how to live my life. You trying to project your beliefs on others is no different than the very thing you are criticizing Chick Fil A for. This is a free country. People are free to form their own beliefs and opinions on various issues.

    • Liberal Hypocrisy? Say it aint so


    The ‘late late LATE’ edition

  • Just got back. They are SUPER efficient and have their system on point. The line was all the way down the block, just past where the rope ends. Got in line at 1:07, walked out with my food at 1:21. Dont let that line fool you, they are a well-oiled machine.

    • Well oiled machine …? Are you comparing Chick-Fil-A to a Sybian or a Fleshlight? Well, either way they must choke a lot of chickens there, and you can’t beat their meat.

  • Went a week after it opened at 12:15 ish. I walked to the back of the line and laughed at the ridiculousness. But the line moved fast. There are people manning the lines, which is nice too. There was a gap we had to walk through and this clueless lady got right behind us. I politely told her that the line was 3 blocks down.

    Once we reached the restaurant, everything was super quick, about 3 minutes from ordering to getting my food. They take your order while you are still in line and send you to a color coded cash register. Flawless execution. Upstairs, there is a person offering to refresh your drinks, which is also really shocking but nice.

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