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If Banzobar is Run by Taboon, How is Their Pita so Bad!?

The last time we checked in with Banzobar, Anna did a double take when the name switched from Barbanzo, and found her chicken shwarma pita sandwich to be “average to pretty good” Mediterranean fare.¬†After we recently found out that Banzobar was actually managed by the team that brought us Taboon (known for their irresistible flatbread) and Taboonette, we thought it was worth another look!

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Banzobar Reverses Its Name, Raises Prices

Last summer, Barbanzo opened in Midtown East, serving average falafel/hummus/shwarma fare. Chris tried the falafel platter back in August and reported back without much enthusuasm. I was walking by recently and noticed that the name had changed to Banzobar (I actually had to read it a few times to make sure it wasn’t my eyes playing tricks on me), so I went in to see if anything else had changed.

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