Chick-Fil-A Announces Their Second Location in Midtown

Most of you may be thinking “What New York needs is more fried chicken sandwiches, more food chains, and more waiting in line.” Well, you are in luck because Gothamist reported yesterday that Chick-Fil-A will be opening thier second location in Midtown this spring. It will be on 46th and 6th less than ten blocks away from its Herald Square location on 37th and 6th. Perhaps this will mean the first location will have less of a line situation, but I somehow doubt it.


  • Forget about Chick-Fil-A and get over to KFC. I tried the Nashville Hot Chicken a few days ago. It was excellent!

    The chicken was perfectly fried. It was dripping in hot sauce and spice. It is served in a closed container rather than a close box like most KFC so the juices don’t escape. The nice thing is that the hot sauce and spices pool at the bottom of the container with the pickles and biscuit. I’m not a big fan of the KFC biscuit, but it’s severely improved after sitting in a hot sauce bath.

    It cost me around $7 for two pieces dark and potato wedges without a drink.

    ML’ers must get themselves to KFC for some “hot chicken.”

    • I went to satisfy my curiosity, the first weekday it was available. It’s just the regular crispy chicken, then the oil-based sauce is squirted all over it. There’s nothing wrong with the technique, certainly, but the sauce was all cayenne and nothing else.

      For fast-food chicken, however, it was really quite tasty. I’d love to see Popeye’s do this, as their technique is so much better. But KFC is a fine hot chicken fix in between Hothouse visits.

      • Is Popeye’s really that good? I have to confess I’ve never had Popeye’s in my life. There’s one right next door to my office and it’s always packed. Since I try to avoid chain-fast-food in general I just assumed it was greasy crap; if it’s actually that good I’ll have to give it a try.

      • As fast-food chicken goes, it’s really that good. If it’s packed at lunch they run low on the Cajun style chicken, so you may not be able to get it right away, but it’s better to wait than to be saddled with the mild.

      • Arr! Popeye’s tis a bountiful feast indeedy, after a few tankards of grog the good sailor’s fowl flavor makes me hoist a proper jism mast … yee-arr!

      • @foodgoesinhere popeyes is really that good! I wasn’t a believer until one opened up in my ‘hood.

        KFC pales in comparison, though I can’t speak for the Hot Chicken.

  • popeyes is really good, though don’t get the mac and cheese. That is not so good.

  • FFFFFFFFFFFrrrrr……..


  • there’s been signage up for about a week saying that this’ll be opening 2 apr.

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