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Soom Soom Vegetarian Makes Some Changes to Their Menu

Earlier this week we put a call out for new lunchers. Here’s another report from one of our potential new contributors, Kaitlin…

Some days I like to trick myself into thinking I’m eating healthy which generally means trying to stuff as many vegetables into a meal as possible. My closest lunch option on these days is Soom Soom (46th btwn 5th and 6th) where you can get “unlimited” salad bar options. Walking in, I noticed Soom Soom had made some changes since the last time I was there.

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Soom Soom’s Burekasabich is Good and Greasy

I ducked into a vegetarian restaurant the other day thinking I’d get a lunch that’s a little healthier than usual, and I managed to walk out with something that has more calories than a Big Mac. Classic! The restaurant was the new Soom Soom (46th btw 5th+6th), and I had a sandwich that was so delicious and so greasy I felt like I needed to take a shower after I ate it. The sandwich in question was the feta cheese burekasabich.

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How Does Soom Soom’s Sabich Stack Up Against Taim?

I’m no expert on the Sabich, that wondrous vegetarian sandwich that is rich and greasy enough to make even meat lovers rejoice. Taim has certainly gotten the most press for their stand-out version both at their falafel joint downtown and at the ML favorite food truck. And it’s the only version I’ve ever tried.  So I was eager to taste the sabich at SoomSoom, which now has two locations in Midtown and has gotten high marks from Anna for their falafel sandwiches. The sabich at SoomSoom is a little cheaper than the one at Taim and includes unlimited toppings from their salad bar. So it’s obviously a better value, but what about taste?

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More Soom Soom Opens on 46th

SoomSoom brought pretty tasty falafel to Lexington Avenue last year. We had mentioned that they were planning on opening a second Midtown location near Fifth Avenue and the time has come. In fact, the new location (which is sort of hidden on 46th Street between Fifth and Sixth) opened yesterday. There’s no sign on the building (yet?), but some glass windows and a board outside featuring their falafel and salad bar pitas. Looks like they’re attempting to give the nearby Kosher Deluxe a run for their menu.

SoomSoom Offers Solid Falafel with Unlimited Toppings

There’s been some buzz recently in the forums about SoomSoom, a new-ish falafel shop on Lex. Commenter Alphadog says:

Have been to UWS location a bunch and its much better than Maoz. The pita is incredible and the felafel is non-greasy delish. I recommend the eggplant and hard boiled egg w/ hummus and all the fixings. This place will be packed with people

Here’s what I found…

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Old Kolette’s Kitchen Space Sooms Onward

Thanks to a tip from Lunch’er joer, we learned that the old Kolette’s Kitchen space on Lexington and 56th Street, which shuttered a few weeks ago, will reopen as SoomSoom- another kosher vegetarian falafel bar with a location on West 72nd Street. They say that this one will open sometime in July and another store is planned for 46th Street and Fifth Avenue later this summer. The logo and menu look similar to Maoz, but they also serve a sabich sandwich. I wonder how it will stack up to Taim’s monster? Has anybody been to the Upper West Side location? Let us know in the comments…