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Old Kolette’s Kitchen Space Sooms Onward

Thanks to a tip from Lunch’er joer, we learned that the old Kolette’s Kitchen space on Lexington and 56th Street, which shuttered a few weeks ago, will reopen as SoomSoom- another kosher vegetarian falafel bar with a location on West 72nd Street. They say that this one will open sometime in July and another store is planned for 46th Street and Fifth Avenue later this summer. The logo and menu look similar to Maoz, but they also serve a sabich sandwich. I wonder how it will stack up to Taim’s monster? Has anybody been to the Upper West Side location? Let us know in the comments…

Kolette’s Kitchen and Hello Pasta on Lex Shutter

Two Midtown Lunch spots within a block of each other on Lexington Avenue have closed. Luncher joer noticed last week that kosher standby Kolette’s Kitchen on Lexington between 55th and 56th shuttered after the Passover holiday.  The sign is still up, but the windows have been covered with pink paper. At least it matches the awning.

But wait… there’s more.

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Kolette’s Extra: Best Chocolate Rugelach in Midtown?

Chocolate Rugelach

Forgot to mention this in my chicken shawarma sandwich post about Kolette’s (on Lex. btw. 55+56th)- which was actually just a pre-game! My intial Kolette’s Kitchen curiosity was piqued by this mention of their chocolate and cinnamon rugelach in the forums last week. As a person who would prefer taking a long lunch and heading up to Greenberg’s rather than eat most of Midtown’s rugelach offerings, this allegation had to be investigated.

One look tells you these rugelach are hand-made. Each is unique in form, and that form is packed with chocolate goodness. They’re not made fresh on site, but the soft doughy insides let me know that they weren’t sitting around all that long. I like the addition of cinnamon, it’s just enough to play off the chocolate and makes the rugelach seem a little exotic. I haven’t run across many with that flavor combination at all. At 75¢ a pop, these make a nice little mid-afternoon dessert snack.

Kolette’s Kitchen, 672 Lexington (btw. 55+56th), (212) 593-2222

Kolette’s Kitchen Pushes the Banh Mi Boundaries With Chicken Shawarma

Kolette's KitchenI’ve been curious about the kosher banh mi sandwiches at Kolette’s Kitchen (on Lex btw 55+56th) since Amy told us that the Classic wasn’t half bad. Well, if they could do a respectable kosher (aka no pork) version of our beloved banh mi, what about this other hybrid sandwich we heard about, the Chicken Shawarma Banh Mi? What is that all about? Spicy, chicken deliciousness apparently!

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Kolette’s Kitchen’s Kosher Banh Mi is Surprisingly Not Terrible

Kolette's Kitchen

There have been some heated debates around here about where to find the perfect banh mi in Midtown. After we mentioned Yushi was pushing the Vietnamese sandwich on Wednesdays, they quickly sold out in subsequent weeks. Then there was the epic “Banh-Mi-Palooza” organized by Lunch’er Christine and a gang of other awesome ML readers. So, naturally, we were gonna freak the eff out when we heard that Kolette’s Kitchen (a new place on Lex btw. 55+56th) was offering kosher (!?) banh mi complete with porkless (natch) pate. Banh mi without its signature meat ingredient? See how it did on judgment day…

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