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Kolette’s Kitchen and Hello Pasta on Lex Shutter

Two Midtown Lunch spots within a block of each other on Lexington Avenue have closed. Luncher joer noticed last week that kosher standby Kolette’s Kitchen on Lexington between 55th and 56th shuttered after the Passover holiday.  The sign is still up, but the windows have been covered with pink paper. At least it matches the awning.

But wait… there’s more.

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Half Off Hello Pasta: If you like Hello Pasta, the newish noodle chain with two locations in Midtown, you'll want to check out Blackboard Eats today. They have three different deals to get you 50% off: Get $20 for $10, $30 for $15, or $40 for $20. There are a limited number of the certificates available so if you're interested you'll want to get on it sooner rather than later.

Half Off Hello Pasta: If you haven't signed up for the Gilt NYC email, here's a decent enough reason... Today deal is a two lunches for the price of one coupon for Hello Pasta. They also had a half off Frites N Meats deal, but it's already sold out. (There is a "wait list", whatever that means.)

Hello Pasta Opens 2nd Location

Looking for a late lunch on the East side?  The location of Hello Pasta that we spotted on 3rd Ave. btw. 44+45 back in May finally opened today.  They’re giving away a free drink with every purchase all day long.

Hello Pasta vs. Nooi: A Midtown Pasta Chain Showdown

Nooi, a French pasta chain opens in MidtownHello Pasta front door

In Midtown, we’re used to the sight of fast food joints, generic “design your own salad” bars, and gimmicky interpretations of pizza. But when Hello Pasta (Lex btw. 54+55th) and Nooi (Lex btw. 40+41st), two expansion-hungry fast food pasta chains, opened within walking distance and a week of each other, it caught our attention. As skeptical as we are about fast food pasta, a Midtown Lunch Ultimate Taste Test Pasta Showdown to the death clearly was in order. Who’s pasta is worth its salt? Which sauce to get and which ones should they pour down the drain? Or do we declare a double TKO, and send both of these chains back to where they came from. The answer is after the jump…

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Your First Look at the Now Open Hello Pasta

Hello Pasta counter

The day has come! The first (of many) Hello Pastas opened on Lexington btw. 54+55th this morning. As they promised, it’s kinda like the Chipotle of pasta, with a similar set-up to make for maximum ordering efficiency. You queue up, pick your pasta (choice between farfalle, conchiglie, fusilli, whole wheat fusilli, or gluten free penne), sauce, size (14 oz. “Handy” vs. 19 oz. “Handful”), and you’re out! The checkout counter also reminds me of the sweets section at every Pret A Manger counter stacked with last minute temptations in case hot pasta on a sweltering city day brings you down. For those hesitant to commit, don’t forget there’s an 8coupons deal for TOMORROW that gets you any pasta with any sauce for just 88 cents! Easy to hate aspiring empire-builders, but even 88 cent lunches are hard to resist. For those who can’t fathom eating steaming fusilli bolognese in this weather (like I am right now), they offer cold pasta salads and regular green salads too.

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Hello Pasta To Open Next Week With 88 Cent Deal

In April, we mentioned that Hello Pasta, the self-professed “Starbucks of pasta” wannabe, would be opening this summer. Well, the day has come! Next Wednesday, the first of ten planned storefronts will open on Lex btw. 54+55th while the others will open over the next four months. Sure, we’re all a little skeptical of empire builders (especially those involving weird new fast food concepts), but even we’ll be hard pressed to resist the 8coupons deal on Thursday that gets you any pasta with any sauce for just 88 cents!

Hello Pasta Location #2 of 10 Spotted

Hello Pasta
It hasn’t been two weeks since we mentioned Hello Pasta’s plan to take over Manhattan with their ten fast food locations starting this summer. Well, I just spotted Hello Pasta Branch No. 2 (on 3rd Ave. btw. 44th+45th) yesterday. Their sneakiness efficiency is impressive, but I have to admit my first thought was, “What? Already? Another one?

Hello Pasta to Launch Empire in Midtown

Hello Pasta to Launch Empire in Midtown

Hello Pasta, NYC

If you’re near Pizza by Cer Te (on 56th btw. Lex+Park), but not exactly craving a slice, Hello Pasta (on Lex btw. 54+55th) will soon cover that other carb craving we always have.  Early reports say this location will be the first of ten for this new fast food pasta company, and they’re not shy about wanting to be “the Starbucks or Pinkberry of pasta”. Honestly, I don’t know whether to celebrate or cringe, but you know we’ll be there when they open in June to see if they should bother with the other nine locations!