Half Off Hello Pasta

If you like Hello Pasta, the newish noodle chain with two locations in Midtown, you’ll want to check out Blackboard Eats today. They have three different deals to get you 50% off: Get $20 for $10, $30 for $15, or $40 for $20. There are a limited number of the certificates available so if you’re interested you’ll want to get on it sooner rather than later.


  • this place is horrible. Avoid Hello Pasta. It’s just plain nasty. I ate at the one on 54/lex, and they just put some premade pasta into a chinese takeout container, slop some sauce over it, and call it a day.

    you want cheap pasta? you get cheap pasta.

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    What??? I totally disagree! I am a regular at this restaurant…I am a big fan of italian food and go to Italy regularly. They have really good pasta. Come on it’s $8 bucks, you can’t expect Lupo! I have tried several things:
    I don’t love ALL their sauces (not of fan of the carbonara and mac and cheese for instance) but I am impressed with their spaghetti bolognese or their fusilli with Arrabiata. In fact last time I was there, I heard some older Italian guy that was eating next to me that he wanted to buy a franchise! Trust me guys, give it a try. Ciao!

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