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Commence Shockwaves… K Pizzacone is Closed!?

K Pizzacone closed?

It was always up for debate where K! Pizzacone is a revolutionary concept in pizza eating or a sad, stupid gimmick to relieve tourists of their money. What’s clear at least for the moment is that it is not open for business. At least today. There’s no sign up one way or the other, but what’s also been absent in the window is a DOH Letter grade. We know they didn’t make the Filthy 15, but maybe a B just wasn’t going to meet their high standards.

K! Pizzacone Owner is Not Done Yet

We can’t quite understand why the, until this moment, highly regarded New Yorker would stoop to the level of pizzacones (especially when they only dedicate two paragraphs a week to food). But there it is in this weeks issue… a negative review of K! Pizzacone (on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd.) We’re tempted to thank Captain Obvious for this one, although there is one interesting tidbit in the fairly short review. The owner promises that he has another invention coming! Be afraid. Be very afraid. [via Eater]

K! Pizzacone: One Week Later


When I stumbled upon the big Kyochon news yesterday, I was actually on my way to check in on K! Pizzacone (on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd) one week after their “eventful” grand opening. Around 1pm, there were only six people in the store and no sense of chaos like last week. A couple of people were inside eating and the rest were waiting on their orders. I would say the fad has died down just a bit one week into the K! Pizzacone craze. As for those who thought Kyochon and K! Pizzacone operating side by side may cause mass chaos, it looks like it just might work out. (Although we’re guessing Kyochon will be insane tomorrow.)

Your First Look at K! Pizzacone

For Those Who Can’t Get Enough Pizzacone

Photos courtesy of Ultraclay

Here is some more K! Pizzacone madness, which continued late into the day yesterday. The opening got posted about on HuffPo, Eater posted a slideshow of the lunchtime scene, Robert Sietsema likened the stuff to frozen pizza, and our goto pizza experts Slice weighed in on the taste.  Surprisingly the latter was completely un-snarky about this pizza’ish abomination, especially considering how nit-picky they get when reviewing real pizza places.  But the worst post of the day award goes to this person, who put his “original pizzacone packaging from the February 22nd opening day” up on Ebay, as if it was some kind of collectible. Sorry buddy… no amount of “donating the proceeds to Haiti” is going to make that any less stupid.

What’s that?  You still want more!  *Sigh*  More K! Pizzacone photos (including assembly), courtesy of our man Clay, are after the jump…

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K! Pizzacone is a Lunchtime Madhouse


It seems as if the entire city is going bonkers over K! Pizzacone (on 5th btw. 32+33rd), where pandemonium has completely broken out. We gave you the first look this morning, and then Gothamist, Grub Street and Eater all followed suit. Plus Robert Sietsema (from the Village Voice) and Adam Kuban (from Slice) are both there.

I’m sure their reports will be filed soon, but in the meantime here’s a New York Daily News report to tie you over. They took cameras into the place over the weekend, and interviewed the owner. I don’t know if we agree with his logic (“If it works in Italy…”), or his insistence that regular pizza isn’t portable enough (!?!), but you have to sympathize with his doe-eyed enthusiasm! Also not reassuring is the news that each cone takes 5 minutes to make, after you’ve picked your toppings. (No wonder it’s so packed!)  Is it just us or does this place have Kolache Mama and Empanada Joe’s written all over it?

Check out the video, after the jump.

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Your First Look at K! Pizzacone

_MG_3357 - Version 2

Thrillist reported on Friday that K! Pizzacone, the much-anticipated new addition to the New York pizza scene will be opening today. Unable to wait for what Eater calls “the biggest opening in Midtown“, I ran right over on Friday after work to see if there were any hints of activity, only to find them open! (Sort of.)  The lady behind the counter was quick to let everyone know that they were just “testing” their system to make sure everything was working properly and that they actually open today. Regardless of whether they were “open” or just open, there were cones filled with cheese and other delights to be had, so I took the opportunity to stuff my face with them.

Menu details and gooey food porn after the jump!

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K! Pizzacone Not Looking Likely Today


Last week, Eater reported that today could be the day that K! Pizzacone graced Midtown with the almighty pizza in cone form (on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd.) Sadly it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen today. Lunch’er “Jenn” passed by this morning and sent in this photo and report: “There was no one inside and I didn’t see anything on the shelves behind the counter either, so I’d say it’s unlikely they’ll be opening today. Still a bunch of boxes inside on the floor too. The space is tiny… its going to be nuts! I’ll go back around noon and take another look though.” Nice! Keep us updated…

K! Pizzacone Opening Next Week?: Eater is reporting that as early as next week we will know the joy of the pizzacone. According to one of their tipsters, a K! Pizzacone owner said the new spot (on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd) could be open on Wednesday.

Pizza Cones Are Coming; Kyochon Getting Close

Korean fried chicken fans will be super excited to hear this news… yesterday Metromix discovered that the plywood has been taken down from the soon to be opened Kyochon on 5th btw. 32+33rd. But even more exciting than that is the place Eater discovered last week just a few doors down. Apparently Midtown is getting a place called K! Pizzacone. Aren’t familiar with the concept of a pizzacone? School yourself here.

Kyochon Finally Bringing Korean Fried Chicken to Midtown for Lunch!

Photo Credit: Eater