Commence Shockwaves… K Pizzacone is Closed!?

K Pizzacone closed?

It was always up for debate where K! Pizzacone is a revolutionary concept in pizza eating or a sad, stupid gimmick to relieve tourists of their money. What’s clear at least for the moment is that it is not open for business. At least today. There’s no sign up one way or the other, but what’s also been absent in the window is a DOH Letter grade. We know they didn’t make the Filthy 15, but maybe a B just wasn’t going to meet their high standards.


  • Not even prevelant if it’s open anymore or not. Oh well. So long, farewell, and godo luck to the owners.

    Use that space for something MLers want to buy their food at.

  • I never tried it, despite it being right around the corner from me. I really don’t regret it either…

  • Maybe we can expect a Hotdogcone to replace it. Maybe even a Pastramicone (hrm, on second thought, if katz’s did it I’d probably buy it).

    SchnitzelTruck – how bout a schnitzelcone? :)

  • 9 months? longer than I thought they’d last, never even considered going, what a terrible idea.

  • It’s too bad really – I liked the idea and think it would have worked if they hadn’t focused on pizza but other stuff like Adam suggested. They did seem to be trying – the food had actually gotten better including the cone crusts which changed up at some point and the prices had dropped – but too little too late…..

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    the problem i had with the place was the time and price. you have a 1 dollar pizza place that can give you a slice in less time than it takes to stand on line. even though i didnt like the flavor i know others that enjoyed it so i cant even say anything about that. the area that they are in is a really fast paced area and if your food isnt done quick then you are going to be late for something even if you can eat on the go (which people do with regular pizza anyway)

  • White Castle cone

  • Mayo Cone, also called “The Mamacita”

  • *barf* @ “mayo cone”
    *barf* again @ wayne’s avatar

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