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R.I.P 4 Year Old Bayan Cafe & 4 Month Old Kolache Mama

Bayan Cafe 2.2.10
Photo courtesy of Profiled Lunch’er “Amy”

Sad news from 45th Street btw. 2+3rd Ave… Midtown’s only place for Filipino food, Bayan Cafe, closed over the weekend. It was no Iwahan or Renee’s, but we were big fans. In other words… this ain’t Jackson Heights! So unless you planned on hoping on the 7 train and taking a 2 hour lunch, Bayan Cafe was the best you were going to do for some adobo or lumpia.

Just down 45th Street to the west, Lunch’er “Michael” sends word of a far less teary eyed shuttering.

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An Early Look at Kolache Mama


Kolache Mama opened Wednesday on 45th btw. Mad+Vanderbilt, and I couldn’t help stopping by on opening day. Usually I like to give places time to settle in but I was too curious! What are these magical Czech pastries? How big are they? And how did they make their way to our planet? I couldn’t imagine them looking as weird in person as they do in the PR photo (which I never trust), but they do! As for size (which was my biggest question mark) they vary from type- but since they are all the same price, it will take a bit more investigation to figure out which are the best from a quantity standpoint. As for taste, the bread is similar to a doughy egg roll (not the Chinese kind) and I could imagine them tasting far better warm (both of mine were cold.) I’m sure all this will be worked out in time, but if you do go- I would recommend asking for whichever one just came out of the oven. (Or ask them to warm yours up.)


Close ups of the two I ate, plus early adopters weigh in- after the jump…

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At Lunch Now: Kolaches Have Landed

Had to hit up Kolache Mama (on 45th btw Mad+Park) on opening day just to see what these things looked like. Size wise they vary- but the reuben (shown above) was not so small that it’s a ripoff but not so big you think you’re getting a great deal. I would say 2 savory and one sweet would make an acceptable lunch. As for taste, don’t want to judge on the first day- but i’m guessing they taste far better fresh out the oven (mine were both cold). When you order just ask for the freshest ones. Full report coming tomorrow… (and early adopters don’t hold back in the comments.)

Koalche Reminder

Just a friendly reminder for those of you who are incredibly eager to try kolaches, the stuffed Czech pastry that is all the rage in Texas. Kolache Mama opens their first location today on 45th btw. Mad+Park. My curiosity has officially boiled over, and at 2 for $5 it’s a relatively guilt free investment.

Kolache Mama Posts Their Menu


According to Thrillist, Kolache Mama is on track to open the first of what they hope will be many franchises on September 30th.  As we reported last month, the first location will be on 45th btw. Park+Madison, and will feature sweet and savory Czech pastries known as kolaches.  A menu has been posted on their website and it’s suprisingly ok looking.  The best part?  They’re only $3 each, 2 for $5.

Kolache Mama Looks to Bring Czech Pastries to the Masses

More on This Kolache Thing: If your curiosity was piqued by yesterday's Kolache Mama news, here's a bit more info about these crazy pastries... Eating in Translation wrote about this OG European kolache from the Czech Independence Fair a few years ago, and Lisa the Homesick Texan has this post about the version that has become popular in her home state.

Kolache Mama Looks to Bring Czech Pastries to the Masses

What is it about Midtown that attracts new fast food chains trying to yuppify some strange ethnic classic?  I suppose if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere right?  Empanada Joe’s tried to do it with the empanada (gone), Sugo e Basilico with the piadina (gone), F&B Gudtfood with the European street food (Midtown location gone), Kushi Q with the yakitori (still plugging along), and of course Danku with the Dutch kroket (also still open). Plus there’s that place Piada opening in the Citicorp building (which could be Sugo reinvented.)  But even with that long, strange list this one might take the cake (no pun intended.)

Kolache Mama is the latest chain to hit Midtown with the desire to introduce New York City to the kolache, an Eastern European pastry stuffed with sweet and savory fillings that apparently are very popular in states with large Czech populations- like Texas, Minnesota, and Oklahoma (who knew?!?)  Their website describes them as “a light, flavorful fresh-baked dough filled with different ingredients like fruit, meat, cheese, veggies, etc.”

What, praytell, do these things look like?

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