At Lunch Now: Kolaches Have Landed

Had to hit up Kolache Mama (on 45th btw Mad+Park) on opening day just to see what these things looked like. Size wise they vary- but the reuben (shown above) was not so small that it’s a ripoff but not so big you think you’re getting a great deal. I would say 2 savory and one sweet would make an acceptable lunch. As for taste, don’t want to judge on the first day- but i’m guessing they taste far better fresh out the oven (mine were both cold). When you order just ask for the freshest ones. Full report coming tomorrow… (and early adopters don’t hold back in the comments.)


  • Next time, please put your hand next to the food when you take pictures so we know how big or small it is. =)

  • But Zach has teeeeny tiiiiny hands…

  • That looks like a tomato with cheese on top of it…

  • just got back…let’s hope they get their act together. I know its the first day and all, but they are CLUELESS. There are about 15 people, literally shoverd behind the counter and NO ONE knows what they’re doing…They dont have about 10 of the items listed on the menu…Ham and cheese to mention one (which i think would be the most popular; not that they’re out, they “JUST DONT HAVE THEM TODAY”). I ordered the hot dog with kraut and mustard and the spinach feta. She bagged them, THEN asked me if i wanted them heated up (which i didnt know was an option until she asked).
    I got back to the office and neither was really hot. I The hot dog is what it is…it taste like a bagel dog, however, the ones you can get in your frozen food section at your local grocer are better. The dough is a little springy and sweet..tastes along the line of a DAY OLD thomas’ bagel (the ones you get in the bread aisle at your local grocer) the dog is spinach and fets tastes nice; but i dont think you can mess that up). The the dough is key with something like this and these are cutting it…I may give them one more chance (since its their first day and all) but they are not all that.
    (oh and from what i hear they were out of reubens at lunchtime (12 on the dot) because they were giving them away for

  • these colaches can fit in your hand..decent size.

  • eventhough they offer a lot more savory options, i would still consider them a breakfast food.

    coffee is needed to counteract all of the carbs.

  • i havent tried the dessert kolaches or the breakfast ones (which they were serving at lunchtime so im assuming they serve them all day) but I will. If this doesnt do it for me, i give up…today’s lunch was not impressive.

  • Just exactly what is ‘Kolaches’?

    I mean, we don’t have them down South — at least, I don’t think we have them down South.

    Yeah, I could google it, but then they would put me in their (search) database, turn the info over to the FBI and the CIA — and someday, the government would come looking for me for eating weird food.

    And then the government may connect me with . . . . never mind.

  • One can only hope that the Department of Homeland Security will find DocChuck a nice little place of his own at Guantanamo. The food is probably better there than the roadkill and government surplus cheese he now eats

    Finny, tho, that for all his claims of having a Texas background, that he has no idea what a Kolache is. Funny, but given that virtually everything he claims about himself is a lie, not surprising

  • Hickory Dickory dock,
    The mouse ran up the clock,
    The clock struck one
    The mouse ran down,
    Hickory Dickory dock.

  • I’m totally going to be biased here since I’m from Texas, but one thing they do well is perfectly nail the jalapeno sausage and cheese kolache. The dough is supposed to taste sweet and springy and yes, this is most definitely breakfast food. I talked to the owner, who’s from outside of Houston and he sources the sausage from Bryan, Texas. I just had two (jalapeno cheese sausage and feta olive and spinach) for lunch and I was happy, but probably because I miss Kolaches so bad. I’m from the Houston area as well and I’m glad they’ve brought one of my favorite breakfast meals up to NYC.

    Yes, there were 8 people behind the register who were a bit clueless, but dude said he opened the store in 14 days, give it a chance.

  • i propose a DocChuck/Fred Fight Club. who’s down for that?

  • Do you know what Rule 1 of Fight Club is? :-)

    Also, the man is – in addition to being a mental midget – an absolute train wreck physically. So it wouldn’t be even close to fair.

  • yes-sweet is the way to is scrumptious.

  • Fred, ok, then DocChuck gets Greek Hot Dog lady as his tag team partner.

  • Steve, the only problem is, DocChuck is a myth. Not a real person. He’s a persona someone slips into in front of the computer. I’m not sold that Fred isn’t the same person as DocChuck, but if it isn’t, Fred is as much of a myth.

    I’d be glad to meet either of them to disprove the myth theory, but we know that will never happen.

  • where has this conversation gone?

  • Okay I went to Kolache Mama around noon today with my sister (who I happen to work with) and saw a guy taking pics of the place. I had one of my shy moments and didn’t ask him if he was Zach; now that I looked him up here I realized he was. So hi!!!!I was the girl with the red hair and glasses with another girl who was blonde…

    Anyway, we ate them directly after buying them, and they were really good. The first one I had was the better one, bacon egg and cheese, but the second, with spinach, olives and feta was nice too (rather like spinach pie). The bread was perfect, though it stuck to the sides of my mouth a little (eat with beverage.)

    My sister had a little trouble ordering – they almost skipped her, and forgot to give her the third one she ordered, so we had to go back, but they were friendly enough and it just felt like opening day issues. I’ve never been to a place on opening day and had everything go completely smooth.

    I have a large appetite, yet I haven’t eaten since then, so two of them seem to hold up for me (It’s 6PM and NOW I’m quite ravenous).

    That’s my input.

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    Do they realize that they need to put up the nutritional info at some point right? Since they are a chain, isn’t it the law in this city?

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