Koalche Reminder

Just a friendly reminder for those of you who are incredibly eager to try kolaches, the stuffed Czech pastry that is all the rage in Texas. Kolache Mama opens their first location today on 45th btw. Mad+Park. My curiosity has officially boiled over, and at 2 for $5 it’s a relatively guilt free investment.


  • i passed by the store a few days ago to see if it was open but wasn’t. I can’t wait until I try these little goodies.

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    Staring out the window at the beautiful Neon signs that they installed. With 2 for $5 and rent in the $20-$30 K range, get these now, before they close…

  • Has anyone been yet today?!

  • just got back…let’s hope they get their act together. I know its the first day and all, but they are CLUELESS. There are about 15 people, literally shoverd behind the counter and NO ONE knows what they’re doing…They dont have about 10 of the items listed on the menu…Ham and cheese to mention one (which i think would be the most popular; not that they’re out, they “JUST DONT HAVE THEM TODAY”). I ordered the hot dog with kraut and mustard and the spinach feta. She bagged them, THEN asked me if i wanted them heated up (which i didnt know was an option until she asked).
    I got back to the office and neither was really hot. I The hot dog is what it is…it taste like a bagel dog, however, the ones you can get in your frozen food section at your local grocer are better. The dough is a little springy and sweet..tastes along the line of a DAY OLD thomas’ bagel (the ones you get in the bread aisle at your local grocer) the dog is spinach and fets tastes nice; but i dont think you can mess that up). The the dough is key with something like this and these are cutting it…I may give them one more chance (since its their first day and all) but they are not all that.

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    I went in this morning and they had free breakfast. Two kolaches and a juice for FREE NINETY-NINE. They were delicious. I had the peaches and amaretto (MARZIPAN FILLING) and the reuben (LOTS OF CORNED BEEF). Everyone was nice and friendly when I was there, although I’m sure it’s more crowded now than it was at 8:45 this morning. The kolache dough has a chewy breadiness to it that is surprisingly versatile. It worked equally well with the sweet and savory kolaches. I was impressed and think it’s a good concept– like a Dunkin Donuts where only the toppings change.

  • there were about 6 patrons in there when I went in and they were LOST.
    You didnt find the dough to be subpar at best?

  • and i guess they were out of the reubens for lunch because they were giving them away for breakfast? Smart move..

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    Rent is high – not enough donuts going out the door, alot of workers. They would fare better selling it from a Cart or Truck.

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