R.I.P 4 Year Old Bayan Cafe & 4 Month Old Kolache Mama

Bayan Cafe 2.2.10
Photo courtesy of Profiled Lunch’er “Amy”

Sad news from 45th Street btw. 2+3rd Ave… Midtown’s only place for Filipino food, Bayan Cafe, closed over the weekend. It was no Iwahan or Renee’s, but we were big fans. In other words… this ain’t Jackson Heights! So unless you planned on hoping on the 7 train and taking a 2 hour lunch, Bayan Cafe was the best you were going to do for some adobo or lumpia.

Just down 45th Street to the west, Lunch’er “Michael” sends word of a far less teary eyed shuttering.

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but the Kolache Mama on 45th near Grand Central is now closed, and completely emptied out. Totally unsurprising too, that place just never really worked.

*Sigh* Weird Czechoslovakian pastries, sent here by way of Texas… you were too good for this world.

Bayan Cafeā€¦ Filipino Food Worth Breaking the Rules For
An Early Look at Kolache Mama


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    “ML Team?”

    I sorta like to know who is talking to me in a multi-author environment.

  • Ihawan and Renee’s Kitchenette are good Filipino eats. Ihawan for the BBQ and Renee’s for the authentic Filipino soul food.

    Wow to Bayan closing. That stinks, especially with the scarce Filipino restaurants in the city, unlike the wave after wave of Thai joints.

    And I wasn’t too impressed by Kolache.
    If it was a chinese bakery instead, I think it would be still rolling!

  • @MikeNYC – We’re going to use that login when the info is sent in by a reader…

  • interestingly enough, my coworkers and i ate at bayan on friday. RIP.

  • I like the “ML Team” ID. Especially for the ML-style news updates.

  • Sad to see Kolache Mama go away. I went there every Monday to pick up my Jalapeno Cheese sausage. Where am I going to find cheap and filling food options near Grand Central?

  • I thought Kolache Mama was good. Maybe they had a bad location? Not enough variety? Can’t say I went out of my way for them though…

  • I tried Kolache Mama once. I liked it and so did my Czech father in law. But I don’t know how anyone thought that place would be successful.

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    Yeah, but I still have no idea who the writer is. Which is what I want to know.

    I don’t understand the benefit of ‘anonymizing’ the author simply because a reader suggested the item. Given how many emails you must get, aren’t most of the places ‘suggestions’ at this point?

    I don’t see the logical connection. Maybe it has some unexplained significance to “ML-MegaCorp” on the back end in terms of how you are categorizing posts?

    But how does it benefit me, as a reader?

  • if only they’d serve tosilog every day instead of just for brunch, we wouldn’t have this problem.

  • Kolache Mama was very good, I’ll miss it. Nice unusual treat once in a while, but I can’t imagine eating there regularly. Their location was awful, I can’t believe they thought it would be successful there.

  • I pity da fool that hates on the A-Team!! I mean, ML Team!!

  • I don’t see how something that’s such a novelty could do well in such an expensive area. They would have been better off working their way up, starting downtown or even in the garment district. That place looked like too high-profile a location for novelty food.

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