K! Pizzacone is a Lunchtime Madhouse


It seems as if the entire city is going bonkers over K! Pizzacone (on 5th btw. 32+33rd), where pandemonium has completely broken out. We gave you the first look this morning, and then Gothamist, Grub Street and Eater all followed suit. Plus Robert Sietsema (from the Village Voice) and Adam Kuban (from Slice) are both there.

I’m sure their reports will be filed soon, but in the meantime here’s a New York Daily News report to tie you over. They took cameras into the place over the weekend, and interviewed the owner. I don’t know if we agree with his logic (“If it works in Italy…”), or his insistence that regular pizza isn’t portable enough (!?!), but you have to sympathize with his doe-eyed enthusiasm! Also not reassuring is the news that each cone takes 5 minutes to make, after you’ve picked your toppings. (No wonder it’s so packed!)  Is it just us or does this place have Kolache Mama and Empanada Joe’s written all over it?

Check out the video, after the jump.

Your First Look at K! Pizzacone


  • this video makes me want it even less than i already did. was that artie lange at the counter?

  • i think that was lisa lampanelli

    i kinda want to try it nowwwww. he’s so charming.

  • he’s fricking adorable!

  • I love the idea of the pizza cone, but they’re starting to make me believe I can’t eat a slice while walking.

  • i think it would be better if they made the “crust” themselves.

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    Yeah, the pizzacone was bad, but not as bad as the comments on ML have made it out to be. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea either; there are plenty of times in which holding and folding a slice of pizza with the oil dripping down isn’t very pleasant (say, when you’re holding a bunch of other stuff and are wearing nice clothes). Not surprised the ML crowd isn’t crazy about this, but as a general concept pizzacones will always have plenty of fans in this city. New Yorkers want convenience; well, here it is.

    The problem with my pizzacone was the implementation. The cheese was mediocre, and the sauce – the real downfall of the thing – is somehow both overly tarty and sweet. I didn’t get any toppings on mine, so my cone was basically just not-great cheese surrounded by a sliver of bad sauce, and then (surprise) more of the aforementioned sauce at the bottom. “Pizza,” this is not.

    I actually would try this again, believe it or not. Next time, I will go for something a little more meaty, and with the pesto instead of the tomato sauce. Yes, it is extremely overpriced, but you guys didn’t need a review to tell you that.

  • From the video it looks like there is really no kitchen there, I wonder where they make all the toppings?

  • Thanks for the review Chetp! I usually have trouble parting with money on things that I know are a total ripoff—but I think I will also suck it up….While it doesn’t sound good, it doesn’t sound totally unedible.

  • exactly what i though…like domino’s sauce.

  • you get to pick what they put INSIDE!? a “salad” bar with complete disregard of one’s health, all tucked into a buttery crust! and we’re HATING on this!? WHY!?!

    also, he is damn cute.

  • yea watch the post video..its like a salad bar..

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    seeing as to how crouded this place is getting… imagine what happens when kyonchon next door opens up… it didnt open yet did it?

  • Hmmm….I’m starting to think there will be pizzacones all across NYC!

    We’re hating on this thing because it’s such a slap in the face to a NY Slice! It seems soooo touristy!!!

    I’m gonna have to test it out one day….But I’m not walking 13 blocks and 2 avenues for it.

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    Good luck dude but that just looks and sounds gross.

  • yeah, because the NY pizza slice is so not touristy.

  • Damn this place is so overhyped.

    Spyder, you’re right, it’s going to be a madhouse. 5 hour waits for chicken, running out by 1130 am. People will camp out the night before opening day. It will be months before anyone will be able to get korean fried chicken in under an hour.

  • its not the shape it comes in. If its good pizza, i’d eat it no matter how its served..this seems like its a step below domino’s

  • WOW! Just frickin’ WOW!

    Reading these ‘comments’ sent me looking through my dusty old movie collection searching for the classic 1981 movie — ‘ESCAPE FROM NEW YAWK CITY’.

    Just my luck. The damned thing was apparently gummed up (maybe with pizzacone juice or some similar juice) and would NOT play in my vintage VCR machine.

    That just reinforces my opinion that there is NO ESCAPE from New Yawk City!

    Please carry on slurping up your pizzacones.

  • Dear Fellow New Yorkers,
    How could you?
    How could you eat pizza in a cone?

  • hey, dont blame us, this dude who opened this store up isnt a new yorker..in fact, he’s from a land FAR FAR away…he’s ruining our city..

    • Yeah, maybe so, but many (if not MOST) of the people in New Yawk City, whom you folks buy your food from, are from lands FAR FAR away.

      And THAT is part of the lengthy list of problems facing our entire country today.

      I may not be ‘politically-correct’ but I know what the bottom line is here. And, New Yawk City is in deep DOO-DOO.

      Too bad, but carry on, please.

      • Wow, DocChuck09 finally figured out you can reply to a comment. Now THAT didn’t take TOO long, though I would have expected that an expert troll like him (especially for someone who touts his education as often as he does).

        Carrion, please, from one of your other internet alter-egos.

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