Your First Look at K! Pizzacone

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Thrillist reported on Friday that K! Pizzacone, the much-anticipated new addition to the New York pizza scene will be opening today. Unable to wait for what Eater calls “the biggest opening in Midtown“, I ran right over on Friday after work to see if there were any hints of activity, only to find them open! (Sort of.)  The lady behind the counter was quick to let everyone know that they were just “testing” their system to make sure everything was working properly and that they actually open today. Regardless of whether they were “open” or just open, there were cones filled with cheese and other delights to be had, so I took the opportunity to stuff my face with them.

Menu details and gooey food porn after the jump!

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And there they are. The cone concept will probably offend pizza purists so much that they most likely won’t be too worried about the fact that the cone is nothing like a traditional pizza crust. It’s flaky and firm and sort of crumbles when you bite into it… kind of like a regular pie crust (which they use for both the sweet and savory cones.)

Much like regular pie, the real story is in the fillings. The cone on the left is a dessert cone, the banana flambé: caramelized bananas floating in a thick chocolate sauce. Just as the regular pizzacone on the right is a medium for a wad of cheese, the dessert cone carries gobs of chocolate – along with some fruit to make it all healthy.

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In addition to the various preset options on the menu, K! offers the chance to make all sorts of combinations from the dozens of fillings. You can come up with more common ones like the mozzarella, tomato sauce and spicy salami seen here or go wild with BBQ chicken or chili or even vegetables if you must. For the meat lovers, you’ve got options of sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham or prosciutto. There’s basically a salad bar full of options right up front, so you can have at it. Breakfast pizzas will be available too, filled with scrambled eggs and ham or bacon.

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The cones come in two sizes, the smaller K! and the larger K!! Savory pizzacones all come with mozzarella cheese and your choice of either a pesto or tomato sauce. They cost $5.90 for the large and a dollar less for the small. Combos let you add a drink for a dollar more. That’s a bit steep when compared to a regular slice joint, but no slice I know gets me quite so much cheese in one bite. We should probably give them some time to work everything out before completely passing judgement, but early adopters… feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.

K! Pizzacone, 319 5th Ave. (btw. 32+33rd)


  • The photos are there on Flickr. I don’t know why they are not showing up on the ML page.

  • Bring back Zachova!!!!

  • My “first look” is a über fail.

  • if you click on the blank spots it bring you to flikr and this shit still looks disgusting to me.

  • ha, agreed…Im just so curious to know how people think this is going to work…this is NY, we wat real pizza, not this crap…it’s gross.

  • Yea, why would anyone choose this over a delicious slice? Oh well. More real pizza for me if that happens. ;P

  • wow that looks brutal.

  • These sound like something you buy at the Costco freezer section for your kids slumber party along with Koo-laid. Thanks for taking one for the team.

  • wait, is there even sauce involved in this abomination?

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    I’m in a quandary, is the bigger crime giving this guy a camera, a computer, fingers or taste buds?

    The first pic shows more in the reflection than the actual joint (which I’m marginally grateful for). It almost makes one feel thankful the rest of the pics are non-existent. The enthusisam for tourist mecca bait is, well, sickening.

    I will say I don’t think I’ve ever seen any writing purporting to be the English language with two consecutive paragrpahs beginning with the word “and” before. Quite, er, creative.

    Almost makes one want for more links to other blogs.

    • You’ve almost got it down. You just need to cite your education a bit more, refer to various cities where you reside / have resided, and mention your lovely wife. Keep working on it and your DocChuck09 impression will be spot on!

  • Look at the pale white crust…yuk..looks like frozen meal.

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    wow, those are smaller than a regular slice arent they? at 2x to 5x the price… i mean i am still curious but i dont know if im THAT curious because those look like they will still leave me hungry unless i buy like 3… which is the cost of a full regular pie

    too bad, my interest peaked when i walked by and saw the banner for the place on saturday

  • I’m gonna check it out in an hour. Not sure I will pay 5 bucks for 1 freaking pizza cone though–that sounds like total BS. It should be like 3 for 5 bucks or something–especially with 99 cent pizza a min walk away.

  • this is clearly for people that grew up eating crap like combos. I’d sooner pay $3 for an empanada…

  • Hey Vdubjb! WTF is wrong with combos???? BEST SNACK EVER!!!!!!!!! How dare you sir! Insulting Combos! WTF!!!!!!!

  • This is a case of way too much advance hype and the product not living up to expectation. I’d rather have the product Steve Martin created in the movie “The Jerk” “Pizza in a Cup”

    Agree with Mamacita. Its a Costco product

  • Apologies for the photo snafu. They should be showing up in all their glory now.

    As for how they were, there’s a lot of cheese, so that’s good. But I wouldn’t call it pizza. Certainly not in New York.

    @mamacita: I definitely consider it taking one for the team.

    @kcijones001: yes, it has sauce. It’s poured into the bottom of the cone and spread around before the other fillings are put in. Practically, that means that you don’t get any until the last bite – at which point it squirts all over the place.

    I stopped in again this morning and there was a Japanese TV crew there filming the production of the cones.

  • So, somehow, Pizzacone will be a smashing hit, even though Kolache Mama could only make it a few months. Right.

  • it’s going to fail miserably…kolache sucked.

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