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Thrillist reported on Friday that K! Pizzacone, the much-anticipated new addition to the New York pizza scene will be opening today. Unable to wait for what Eater calls “the biggest opening in Midtown“, I ran right over on Friday after work to see if there were any hints of activity, only to find them open! (Sort of.)  The lady behind the counter was quick to let everyone know that they were just “testing” their system to make sure everything was working properly and that they actually open today. Regardless of whether they were “open” or just open, there were cones filled with cheese and other delights to be had, so I took the opportunity to stuff my face with them.

Menu details and gooey food porn after the jump!

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And there they are. The cone concept will probably offend pizza purists so much that they most likely won’t be too worried about the fact that the cone is nothing like a traditional pizza crust. It’s flaky and firm and sort of crumbles when you bite into it… kind of like a regular pie crust (which they use for both the sweet and savory cones.)

Much like regular pie, the real story is in the fillings. The cone on the left is a dessert cone, the banana flambé: caramelized bananas floating in a thick chocolate sauce. Just as the regular pizzacone on the right is a medium for a wad of cheese, the dessert cone carries gobs of chocolate – along with some fruit to make it all healthy.

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In addition to the various preset options on the menu, K! offers the chance to make all sorts of combinations from the dozens of fillings. You can come up with more common ones like the mozzarella, tomato sauce and spicy salami seen here or go wild with BBQ chicken or chili or even vegetables if you must. For the meat lovers, you’ve got options of sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham or prosciutto. There’s basically a salad bar full of options right up front, so you can have at it. Breakfast pizzas will be available too, filled with scrambled eggs and ham or bacon.

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The cones come in two sizes, the smaller K! and the larger K!! Savory pizzacones all come with mozzarella cheese and your choice of either a pesto or tomato sauce. They cost $5.90 for the large and a dollar less for the small. Combos let you add a drink for a dollar more. That’s a bit steep when compared to a regular slice joint, but no slice I know gets me quite so much cheese in one bite. We should probably give them some time to work everything out before completely passing judgement, but early adopters… feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.

K! Pizzacone, 319 5th Ave. (btw. 32+33rd)


  • ” yes, it has sauce. It’s poured into the bottom of the cone and spread around before the other fillings are put in. Practically, that means that you don’t get any until the last bite – at which point it squirts all over the place.”


  • oh and btw, that’s what she said

  • Looks like a rip-off to me.

  • there is not enough weed on the planet to make me think pizzacone is something good to eat.

  • ha…when stoned, id eat my hand if it cheese on it

  • “Why the freezer squeaks at night”

    “Well, son? When a Drumstick and a Hot Pocket REALLY love each other …”

    “Papa John’s Reservoir Tips”

    “Pizza in the Morning, Pizza in the Evening, Pizza Toppings in a Traffic Cone for Midtown Lunch! (yes the rhythm was intentionally bad)”

  • top these with a meatball, and I’m good to go. you guys are too picky!! (or maybe I’m just an indiscriminate foodwhore).

  • It’s a Costco free sample gone wrong. It’s the Kwanzaa Cake of pizza.

  • I just went by K Pizza Cone. It was f’ing PACKED. I stood outside for 5 min–as I wanted to see what they looked like up close. No one came out with food. Not sure what is up there, but I wasn’t going to try and squeeze in with the other 30 or so people in a tiny space since I may freak out.

    Perhaps I will suck it up and test Sarah’s theory this afternoon or evening, prior to or after the Knicks game. While I don’t have “all the weed on the planet,” I might be able to find some heh….and even if not, I have a happy hour and knicks game tonight, so it may be a good after game destination on the walk home.

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    What in God’s name is that thing? I just lost my appetite.

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    meyekull, the first thing I thought of when I saw this was The Jerk and Cup O Pizza. :)

    WHY oh why do people feel the need to mess with the perfection that is The Slice?

  • looks like crap… i think you can get those at 7-11 for $1.50

  • WOW! Just frickin’ WOW!

    Reading these ‘comments’ sent me looking through my dusty old movie collection searching for the classic 1981 movie — ‘ESCAPE FROM NEW YAWK CITY’.

    Just my luck. The damned thing was apparently gummed up (maybe with pizzacone juice or some similar juice) and would NOT play in my vintage VCR machine.

    That just reinforces my opinion that there is NO ESCAPE from New Yawk City!

    Please carry on slurping up your pizzacones.

  • I’m sure the idea was conceptualized in earnest, but those things look revolting.

  • I can’t recall the last time something got this many responses on here, too funny.

  • this reminds me of pizza rolls. but alas, i will be forced to try this at some point, i’m sure, so it’s a good thing i like pizza rolls.

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    I don’t think this place is targeted at NYC locals — it’s right across from the Empire State Building.

    Remember the “Office” episode where Michael takes someone to NYC and says he knows a real local authentic pizza place? “It’s called Sbarro’s.” Hysterical! That’s what this reminds me of.

    But I’ll wait until lI taste it until I judge. Maybe I can get a pepperoni cone with chocolate sprinkles and M&M’s.

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