Pizza Cones Are Coming; Kyochon Getting Close

Korean fried chicken fans will be super excited to hear this news… yesterday Metromix discovered that the plywood has been taken down from the soon to be opened Kyochon on 5th btw. 32+33rd. But even more exciting than that is the place Eater discovered last week just a few doors down. Apparently Midtown is getting a place called K! Pizzacone. Aren’t familiar with the concept of a pizzacone? School yourself here.

Kyochon Finally Bringing Korean Fried Chicken to Midtown for Lunch!

Photo Credit: Eater


  • pizza on a cone? looks kinda disgusting. What we need is a crepe place like the ones they have in europe. cheap, quick and delicious..=)

  • In Steve Martin’s “The Jerk” movie, he invents “Pizza in a Cup” This sounds like that.

  • looks as gross as the Big Mac Wrap, or the 7-Eleven breakfast wraps.

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    There is another Korean Fried Chicken spot that is under construction on either 38th or 37th street between 7th and 8th (closer to 7th).

    I think it’s on that street where they have that Chinese spot where they sell cheap baked goods in the morning.

  • @Gothgrub, that’s a Bon Chon Chicken storefront going up there. Now that the 32nd street branch is MFC, they’re going to try again for some midtown representation.

    The Pizzacone thing seems deeply questionable, but I’ll give it a chance once. I passed by during lunch to find it looks nearly ready to open.

    Unfortunately, Kyochon isn’t nearly so close. I asked one of the guys working there and they said maybe a month until they opened up. Looking in, I think that’s generous.

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    “May I take your order, please?”
    “Yeah. Gimme a double scoop of pistachio on a pepperoni-sausage cone.”
    “Would you like to try one of our sardine-oatmeal sides?”
    “No, I’ll just step outside and vomit now.”

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    I tried pizza cones in Rome last time I was there. I heard they’re all over the place in Europe. They’re actually really good, much more filling than a nyc pizza, not oily either. I can’t wait til this place opens…

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    I am definitely willing to give it a try. I heard it tastes like regular pizza, with the same kind of toppings pepperoni, veggies, and such.

  • Check out this monstrosity.
    It’s the foulest thing i have ever seen. sausage pellets, half melted cheese…$hitty

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    do we know when this is opening? i’m definitely intrigued enough to try it!

  • from that interesting little evolution billboard, it seems it is opening this winter..

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    I wouldn’t be that close minded. I tried pizza cone many times and I was never disappointed.Is just a different way of eating pizza. Does anyone when is the store open???? ?

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