Kyochon Finally Bringing Korean Fried Chicken to Midtown for Lunch!


I have always lamented the fact that all the Korean fried chicken places in Midtown are only open for dinner… which makes this news that much more exciting!  Kyochon, the Korean fried chicken chain with U.S. branches in Flushing and L.A., is replacing the Brooklyn Bagel Cafe on 32nd and 5th in Koreatown.  Called the “granddaddy of the Korean fried-chicken scene” Kyochon features fried chicken flavored with soy sauce, garlic, and ton of spices… oh, and there are spicy version available. And of course, the most important thing… it’s open for lunch!  No word on when it will open, but it can’t be soon enough.

Thanks to Liz Matsumoto of for sending in the photo!

Kyochon, 319 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016


  • Holy crap–when did Bklyn Bagel Cafe close??? that is right around the corner from me–literally! I hated that place! I went there once a couple yrs ago–sandwiches were skimpy and small, not to mention expensive! Bring on the chicken!!!!


  • Kyochon vs. Bonchon head-to-head to come.

  • @blondie – Bonchon isn’t open for lunch, so Kyochon wins by default!!! (in my book)

  • Oh wow I just passed by and my thought was “I wonder what this is going to be hope ML sends word on it”. Too bad my workplace is moving out of ML boundaries so I probably won’t have in on any fried chicken goodness.

  • Koren fried chicken, Baja Fresh, what’s next?

  • In n Out.


    ….or maybe…an irish theme pub!(never been done,i know)

  • then i’ll just have to do for dinner. Or after Mamacita and I go out for happy hour.

  • Yeah! Happy hour party with Blondie!! Maybe next week? This week is going to suck for me.

  • Hey Zach,
    BonChon actually IS open for lunch now. I just got some takeout there around 12:45 about 2 weeks ago.

  • No way! You’re kidding… this is the hugest news ever! I was waiting for it to happen. I may have to go tomorrow…

  • The place was totally deserted when I went in to pick up my chicken, not the atmosphere I’d ever want to eat in. Still takes a while to cook, but the chicken’s great as ever!

  • Sweet, this is a few blocks from the job, I think I am gonna check it out tomorrow.

  • Bonchon sucks compared to Kyochon. And bonchon is rude, rude, rude!

  • ML, what’s the deal with this place? It’s still not open….

    Recession/Depression victim?

  • is it real?
    I heard that kyochon will open at breakfast too
    oh.. I can’t wait
    I wonder when they open..
    plz somebidy notice me
    I will jump on the store everyday

  • I like fried chicken

  • I heard gossip that Kyochon has opened. Can any of your Midtown lunch spies confirm???

  • just called the number listed when they come up on google – no luck yet. The woman there said September or October! ugh!

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