Kyochon Finally Bringing Korean Fried Chicken to Midtown for Lunch!


I have always lamented the fact that all the Korean fried chicken places in Midtown are only open for dinner… which makes this news that much more exciting!  Kyochon, the Korean fried chicken chain with U.S. branches in Flushing and L.A., is replacing the Brooklyn Bagel Cafe on 32nd and 5th in Koreatown.  Called the “granddaddy of the Korean fried-chicken scene” Kyochon features fried chicken flavored with soy sauce, garlic, and ton of spices… oh, and there are spicy version available. And of course, the most important thing… it’s open for lunch!  No word on when it will open, but it can’t be soon enough.

Thanks to Liz Matsumoto of for sending in the photo!

Kyochon, 319 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016


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