For Those Who Can’t Get Enough Pizzacone

Photos courtesy of Ultraclay

Here is some more K! Pizzacone madness, which continued late into the day yesterday. The opening got posted about on HuffPo, Eater posted a slideshow of the lunchtime scene, Robert Sietsema likened the stuff to frozen pizza, and our goto pizza experts Slice weighed in on the taste.  Surprisingly the latter was completely un-snarky about this pizza’ish abomination, especially considering how nit-picky they get when reviewing real pizza places.  But the worst post of the day award goes to this person, who put his “original pizzacone packaging from the February 22nd opening day” up on Ebay, as if it was some kind of collectible. Sorry buddy… no amount of “donating the proceeds to Haiti” is going to make that any less stupid.

What’s that?  You still want more!  *Sigh*  More K! Pizzacone photos (including assembly), courtesy of our man Clay, are after the jump…

K! Pizzacone is a Lunchtime Madhouse
Your First Look at K! Pizzacone


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    This female pizzacone is all over the blogsphere! She’s famous!

  • cheese is in love- pizzacone pancake.

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    The server in all the photos I meant.

  • Stop the madness!!

  • Hmmmmm. Good to see their assembly is Subways-esque for pizzacones except not as cheap…unless you can get full on 1 cone. Still not worth it. ;P

  • they should get those ovens that DD/Starbucks has that cooks stuff in 60 sec.

  • I walked by last night after the crappy Knicks game. The store looked like a warzone, papers everywhere, coats strewn about and was closed–they were cleaning up. Seems like they did great business, but I can’t imagine it will last. All of these reviews and pix are making me rethink again throwing 6 bucks away for something that, when cut open down the side, looked pretty revolting….

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    Surprise, surprise, I haven’t seen that much black since the last Wu Tang show. Figures a bunch of wannabe hipsters trying to be ahead of the latest trend, almost as pathetic as the blogs that are under the deluded notion that this is newsworthy, strike that, worth anything but a passing mention.

    Apart from it being a shitty idea (if you can’t eat a slice and walk at the same time stay away from the Trident and Bubblicious), the business model is untenable. 5 minutes to heat up? They better have some really big ovens to put out enough product to pay the rent.

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    looks a bit messy to me… i still find the idea entertaining and i might entertain the idea of trying a cone… some day maybe… some day…

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    Have any of you actually tried it? I don’t want to be the only guy to get disappointed by the mighty Pizza Cone!

  • yeah someone wrote about it on here yesterday. not a good review.

  • review by ChetP:
    Yeah, the pizzacone was bad, but not as bad as the comments on ML have made it out to be. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea either; there are plenty of times in which holding and folding a slice of pizza with the oil dripping down isn’t very pleasant (say, when you’re holding a bunch of other stuff and are wearing nice clothes). Not surprised the ML crowd isn’t crazy about this, but as a general concept pizzacones will always have plenty of fans in this city. New Yorkers want convenience; well, here it is.

    The problem with my pizzacone was the implementation. The cheese was mediocre, and the sauce – the real downfall of the thing – is somehow both overly tarty and sweet. I didn’t get any toppings on mine, so my cone was basically just not-great cheese surrounded by a sliver of bad sauce, and then (surprise) more of the aforementioned sauce at the bottom. “Pizza,” this is not.

    I actually would try this again, believe it or not. Next time, I will go for something a little more meaty, and with the pesto instead of the tomato sauce. Yes, it is extremely overpriced, but you guys didn’t need a review to tell you that.

  • Basically a bagel bite in a cone. I think it’s supposed to be a novelty more than, you know, real food. I think they’d be a hit at state fairs.

  • I tried K!pizzacone today… And, I hafta say, they were quite damn delicious. Yes, they’re still getting their shit together over there, but the actual pizzacone I ingested was top-notch. Saugage, broccoli, artichokes, pesto, olives, chicken, even chocolate and bananas for christ-sakes. Definitely worth multiple visits. Sorry cynics….

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