Kolette’s Kitchen and Hello Pasta on Lex Shutter

Two Midtown Lunch spots within a block of each other on Lexington Avenue have closed. Luncher joer noticed last week that kosher standby Kolette’s Kitchen on Lexington between 55th and 56th shuttered after the Passover holiday.  The sign is still up, but the windows have been covered with pink paper. At least it matches the awning.

But wait… there’s more.

Joer also mentioned that a block up and directly across the street, a location of the Hello Pasta chain has also closed. A note on the door doesn’t give much information other than to thank their customers and the 44th and 3rd Avenue location is still slinging fusilli and penne. What’s next to close on Lexington in the mid-50′s? Let’s hope this isn’t a trend (or a curse!)


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