Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Banh Mi Day at Yushi

Yushi entrance

Yushi (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) seems to add a new thing every month (like boozy ramen) but when Lunch’er “Jason” told me they had added banh mi, I took a second lunch break and ran there. Since you don’t know I’ll tell you now – one of my life goals is to eat every Vietnamese baguette in New York City (my favorite so far is Nicky’s in the EV, but I admit I’m only just getting started.) Sadly it was a Thursday, and I was informed banh mi day is on Wednesdays! So began the six-day countdown to the following Wednesday. Luckily the wait was worth it.

The following Wednesday, I was greeted by a trio of 10-inch banh mi on display. Pork is your only option (no problem here!) and the sandwiches on display exploded with cilantro, pickled veggies, and three kinds of pork: BBQ, sliced pork roll, and pâté.

Yushi Banh Mi

So, I cannot tell a lie. I was stuck in a meeting and didn’t get to eat the sandwich til three hours after I bought it! I know, what kind of food blogger am I? By 3PM, the poor thing was damp from their “special pho sauce” (which I’m pretty sure is just hoisin), various veggies, and moist meat components.

Yushi banh mi

Still, it was utterly satisfying although I must warn it was a bit more sweet than a traditional banh mi (thanks to the sauce). Maybe the fact that I was ravenous helped this baguette’s cause, but I don’t remember the last time so much pork and pâté starred in a banh mi. The sweetness might be an issue for some (hoisin belongs in pho, siracha belongs on banh mi!) but I still enjoyed it.  And for Midtown, where bread can be a major issue (Boi Sandwich I’m looking at you) it was downright great. Plus Yushi didn’t skimp on the stuffing at all. For $7.95, I’ll be going back tomorrow. And this time no meeting is going to stop me from eating it right away!

Yushi, 245 Park Ave. (on 47th btw. Park+Lex), 212-687-1900


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    I have a similar goal. I had Ma Peche’s today, it was ok, very earthy-tasting like it had chicken liver but the bread was great. I didn’t care much for Nicky’s when I had it. My favorite is Viet-Nam Banh Mi So 1 ( but Baoguette is actually a close second. Banh Mi Zon on 6th St between 1st & A is also pretty good.

  • Just got mine. Tasty! They were a bit overwhelmed, but considering the complete lack of worthy Banh Mi nearby, this is a great addition.

  • Amy, you totally blew up the spot here. Huge line. We took one look and left. And I was all sorts of pumped for banh mi.

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    I just got the sandwich too and they’re sold out now. But I have to say that while the filling is yummy, the bread is so chewy that I think I can bounce it on the floor. They made some comment about baking fresh bread, but this is so-not-it.

  • Gotta get there early! I even had to weave my way through the suits to get a good spot in line at 1145. I had mine with bbq, which was a different but tasty siracha mix. Wish they would give you an option to mix both the pate and the bbq.

  • I’m sorry but 7.95 for a banh mi completely violates the spirit of the sandwich.

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    Doughy bread kinda ruins it, but good flavors. Also didn’t like to see the sandwich pre-made. Still waiting for the great cheap banh mi in midtown.

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    Sad day, I came too late for the bahn mi! The manager said they sold 15 last week and 100 this week (thus selling out) — probably due to! If one is having an unpredictible day (such as my own today), according to the manager, one can call ahead and order one to come pick it up whenever. Their phone number: 212-687-1900. Definitely will do that next week, so I don’t miss out!!!

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    In the third week, I got the last one just after 1:30. Good flavor, but at $8.66, expensive for bahn mi, but i guess what’s to be expected for midtown.

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