Ma Peche Reveals Lunch Menu! (Cheap Bastards Mourn)

When Ma Peche (aka Momofuku Midtown) soft opened with a $10 “Midtown Lunch” menu in the mezzanine of the Chambers Hotel last year, it was possibly the happiest day in Midtown Lunch’s entire life. Not only was Momofuku coming to Midtown (a dream come true), but they were offering lunch at a price that fell in the ML boundaries? (Shocking.) Of course we didn’t expect the actual restaurant menu to follow suit (Midtown hotel restaurant rents are freakin’ expensive, you know) and today Grub Street confirmed what we knew all along would be the case. According to GS Ma Peche might open for lunch as early as next week, and the menu [PDF] is so not a Midtown Lunch. (But damn does it look tasty!) The bun du riz and pork ribs have made the cut, but the banh mi are nowhere to be found.  But there is now photo confirmation of a Milk Bar, and talk of a “Balcony Bar” with a limited menu…. so we’re still holding out that the $10 Midtown Lunch menu will still be available in some form.  No official word yet, but as soon as we know you’ll know. [Milk Bar Photo courtesy of Grub Street]

Your First Look at Ma Peche’s “Midtown Lunch” Specials


  • I still haven’t been to a Momofuku establishment yet. I def. want to try the ramen and check out Milk Bar. Not sure I’d eat lunch at Ma Peche though.

  • at milk bar, i would rec the banana cake and arnold palmer cake. crack pie is ok but too sweet for me. and i haven’t had the crack cookie but apparently it’s salty&sweet heaven. milkshakes always have this clean milky taste

    the menu items are written in this weird vietnamese/french/english mish mash that is giving me a slight headache. but it’s a good looking menu.

  • Jowl Croutons? Uh… I think I just had a milk bar in ma pants.

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