Aroma Pizza Closes; Kosher Banh Mi On the Way?

Two bits of Midtown food news from the website Koshertopia today. First the bad(?) news. Aroma, the Kosher pizza spot on 36th btw. 5+6th, has closed. I guess people weren’t down with the pepperoni fake out? And now the good (also ?) Koletteā€™s Kitchen will be opening soon on Lex btw. 55+56th serving up “Middle Eastern Mezze, Deli Sandwiches & Vietnamese Sandwiches”. No word on when that will open, but we’re super curious to try Kosher Vietnamese pate.

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  • WOW, one NYC eatery closes, and a few days later another eatery opens in the same box (building, by New Yawk City standards).

    Has the NEW owner thoroughly evicted the rodents from the OLD owner’s enterprise?

    Just askin’

    Carrion please.

  • kosher banh mi…. jesus wept

    like removing pork from ANYTHING ever made it better

    sight unseen, it gets added to the dumbass pile, right on top of the kosher schnitzel

  • kosher pate aka chopped liver

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    Wayne – I hate to be rude – but you’re comment is idiotic.

    Schnitzel, in its original form, is made of veal. There is nothing unkosher about that. During the early years of the State of Israel, veal was unobtainable, and chicken or turkey proved an inexpensive and tasty substitute.

    Kosher schnitzel – whether veal or chicken – is tasty as hell and has been around for longer than you think. There is nothing “dumb” about it. Maybe your argument works for kosher Banh Mi, but your criticism of kosher schnitzel makes you seem pretty ignorant.

    • Schnitzel, in it’s original form, was also fried in lard. Or at a minimum, butter.

      See earlier comment about how removing pork from anything does not improve things

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        Just let it go – see earlier comment about how schnitzel, in it’s original form, is made of veal. I’m pretty sure that you conceded this point. How is this a situation where pork is being removed to render the dish kosher when pork was never involved to begin with? You’re out of your element.

      • lard is made from pork, stevie. so are pigs.

        enjoy your kosher tofu vegan schnitzel fried in sizzlean drippings.

      • All fried food is not created equal.

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        Listen, Wayne. I think everyone knows that lard is made from pork. Until you can cite a single source indicating that lard is a necessary ingredient, you’re just being obnoxious. I will continue to enjoy my Israeli-style chicken schnitzel. I doubt you’ve even been to Israel to taste the meal that you are trashing. You’re simply sitting behind your computer and spreading an opinion about something that you have never even experienced. Sweet life, buddy.

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