Food Illusion: Pepperoni Topped Kosher Pizza

Kosher Pizza

You would think keeping kosher would eliminate the desire for pepperoni pizza (it’s pork, plus you’ve got the whole milk and meat thing), but apparently those who follow the kosher laws still want to feel like they’re breaking the rules without actually doing it.  Solution?  Draw rings of “pepperoni” using red sauce.  Genius!  Does anybody know if this is a widespread phenomenon, or just a single inspired act of brilliant subterfuge?  Who cares that it will taste like a regular cheese slice with extra sauce.  It’s still amazing! Want to try this faux pepperoni pizza?  It’s at Aroma, a new generic Kosher deli on 36th btw. 5+6th.


  • This is hiliarious.
    my hubby is jewish and i am still not used to this kosher this and kosher that thing. i hosted the thanksgiving at my house and bought a kosher turkey for my mother in law then made an excellent juicy turkey using mushroom butter. My mother in law loved the turkey then i later realized i wasn’t suppose to use butter. i hope she doesn’t go to hell for it.

  • Polka dot pepperoni. Tasty and aesthetically pleasing. First time I ever even heard of a pizza spot trying to fake pepperoni.

  • as a non-practicing jew, i stay away from kosher places as they are usually mediocre.

    but, if you are dumb enough to think that is pepperoni pizza, maybe you should walk into oncoming traffic.

  • here here steve…although I do fast on Yom Kippur just in case….

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    I’ve seen Kosher delis use sliced falafel in place of pepperoni. It doesn’t match the look very well, but if you’ve got to have a topping…

  • falafel pizza? Zach I smell a review coming ASAP.

  • why not sliced matza balls with some kind of red coloring mixed in?

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    really? im pretty sure they make vegetarian pepperoni… there isnt a pizza place that actually uses it on their pizza?

  • Then again, if you are dumb enough to think that pepperoni pizza is worth worrying about whatsoever, maybe you should walk into oncoming traffic.

  • Why not just use fake/kosher pepperoni?

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    Those of you who are suggesting the vegan pepperoni– Have you ever eaten that stuff? It tastes like dog treats. Wait, no, I think dog treats probably taste better. I picked some up once for my girlfriend (as she can’t have milk derived stuff, including lactic acid due to food allergies). I tried one bite, spit it out, and promptly threw the rest to my mom’s dog. Yes, it was that bad.

  • Now why bother making a faux pepperoni pizza when you can use kosher beef pepperoni that tastes just as good as the pork version? I guess everyone need a gimmick these days.

  • um, isnt this just how margarita pizza is made…splashes of marinara?

  • just like that white slice does with ricotta.

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    Um, Goodness, did you read the post?

    a) Mixing dairy products with any type of meat is unkosher; and
    b) Zach pointed this out in the post.

    This is why Kosher beef pepperoni is not used on Kosher pizza.

  • Mr. Eating-pork-on-Yom-Kippur writing anything about kosher makes me laugh.

  • That pepperoni is laughable. *shakes head*
    Good thing I don’t have to follow kosher anything *eat my ham and cheese sandwich*

  • i am really shocked this is a topic of conversation.

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    This deli surely know how to set it apart from the other delicatessens in town. It may be boring to others, but it is funny and amusing to some as well. South Florida, like that of Fort Lauderdale delicatessens also try to add appeal to their kosher food. As long as it is healthy and prepared properly, then there is no harm done.

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