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Grill On Wheels And Chipsy King Hit Midtown

Last week, I noticed a truck I hadn’t seen before parked on 46th street between 6th and 7th. Grill on Wheels is relatively new to the streets, adding a new certified Kosher option to the lunch scene. Their menu isn’t going to make Midtown Lunchers very happy, with most items passing the $10 mark, including shawarma, schnitzel and something called “crazy chicken.” But, the burger falls within budget, so maybe that’s worth a taste. You can follow Grill on Wheels on twitter for their location.

But wait… there’s more.
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Behold! Five Star Grill’s Israeli/Chinese Stir Fry Sandwich

Thanks to Lunch’er Tom for sending in this great report…

Across the street from Taam Tov, and one floor down from El Rincon Del Sabor, there’s a new Glatt Kosher Uzbek restaurant on 47th (in the space where Dougie’s BBQ used to be.) It’s $2 cheaper than its neighbor, the staff outnumbers the patrons, and the kicker? Mukpatz!

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Kolette’s Kitchen Pushes the Banh Mi Boundaries With Chicken Shawarma

Kolette's KitchenI’ve been curious about the kosher banh mi sandwiches at Kolette’s Kitchen (on Lex btw 55+56th) since Amy told us that the Classic wasn’t half bad. Well, if they could do a respectable kosher (aka no pork) version of our beloved banh mi, what about this other hybrid sandwich we heard about, the Chicken Shawarma Banh Mi? What is that all about? Spicy, chicken deliciousness apparently!

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Kolette’s Kitchen’s Kosher Banh Mi is Surprisingly Not Terrible

Kolette's Kitchen

There have been some heated debates around here about where to find the perfect banh mi in Midtown. After we mentioned Yushi was pushing the Vietnamese sandwich on Wednesdays, they quickly sold out in subsequent weeks. Then there was the epic “Banh-Mi-Palooza” organized by Lunch’er Christine and a gang of other awesome ML readers. So, naturally, we were gonna freak the eff out when we heard that Kolette’s Kitchen (a new place on Lex btw. 55+56th) was offering kosher (!?) banh mi complete with porkless (natch) pate. Banh mi without its signature meat ingredient? See how it did on judgment day…

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Aroma Pizza Closes; Kosher Banh Mi On the Way?

Two bits of Midtown food news from the website Koshertopia today. First the bad(?) news. Aroma, the Kosher pizza spot on 36th btw. 5+6th, has closed. I guess people weren’t down with the pepperoni fake out? And now the good (also ?) Kolette’s Kitchen will be opening soon on Lex btw. 55+56th serving up “Middle Eastern Mezze, Deli Sandwiches & Vietnamese Sandwiches”. No word on when that will open, but we’re super curious to try Kosher Vietnamese pate.

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Wafels & Dinges Has Some Kosher Competition

Thanks to Lunch’er Stephen for tipping us off to this new kosher waffle truck (?!?) that has popped up on 52nd and Lexington. The truck is called “Quick Stop Kosher“, and according to their website they are indeed selling waffles in addition to sandwiches, falafel, blintzes, and slushies.  The schedule is regularly updated on their Facebook page, and yet the few times I have pranced around 52nd Street, in the heat, they have not seemed to be around (perhaps they are invisible to those of us raised Christian?) I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that they will be off on Saturdays and may discover a hungry lunch crowd in the Diamond District.

Has anybody tried this truck yet? We are definitely curious…

UPDATE: Today they are parked on Park Ave. and 23rd St.

“Green Taste Truck” Hits the Streets

If you like Kosher food, but want to be healthy (?) you’ll be interested in this news from Lunch’er Adam. He spotted this truck on 48th and 6th yesterday. Unsurprisingly the website painted on the truck doesn’t work, and we can’t imagine they’ll be able to keep parking on 48th and 6th every single day. We’ll see if they’re back today… early (Kosher?) adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

Rediscovering Eden Wok’s Hot Dog Egg Roll


From the outside, Eden Wok on 34th street looks just like any other generic Chinese food take-out place… save for one thing: a newspaper article in the window from The New York Times. There are number of old school Chinese places in Manhattan that have blessed by coverage from the paper of record- but this isn’t some 2 star review of a Chinese dinosaur (we’re looking at you Shun Lee.)  This article was about Eden Wok’s hot dog egg roll. Yeah, you read that right. Eden Wok is a Kosher Chinese food restaurant, and the star of their menu (according to the NYT circa 2005) is a “Chinese Hot Dog”. I wasn’t sure exactly what that was going to be, but I had to find out… you know… for the sake of science.

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Yummy Yummy Falafel Bar Coming Soon

Yummy Yummy, NYC

With the opening of Pizza By Cer Te and news about Hello Pasta, the area by E 55th seems to be getting a whole lotta food action lately! Thanks to Lunch’er Apikoros18 for pointing out the kosher place Yummy Yummy (on Lex btw. 55+56th) that’ll soon arrive too! Looks pretty mysterious so far – just a storefront plastered with “Falafal bar, free salad bar, coffee bar, hummus, bourekas, soups”. No indication about how soon it’ll open, but as soon as we know- you’ll know.

Moshe’s Falafel Raises Prices

Moshe's Falafel

After a giving up fried foods for Lent, I had a post-Easter hankering for falafel, so I headed over to 46th street to hit up Moshe’s Falafel just back from their Passover hiatus. While waiting to place my order discovered that they’ve raised their prices across the board.
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