Moshe’s Falafel Raises Prices

Moshe's Falafel

After a giving up fried foods for Lent, I had a post-Easter hankering for falafel, so I headed over to 46th street to hit up Moshe’s Falafel just back from their Passover hiatus. While waiting to place my order discovered that they’ve raised their prices across the board.


My go to order–4 falafel balls with tahina, hot sauce, and pickles is now $2.50, up from $2.00. Falafel sandwiches will now run you $5.25 up from $4.75. Prices for French fries and soup have both increased 50 cents will cost you $3.25 and $4.35 respectively.

Zach’s wasn’t a huge Moshe’s fan because of their sandwich layering problems, but I’ve always just gone for the side order of falafel and added it to my own bread or pita from home so I haven’t encountered the same trouble. Even with the 50 cents increase, $2.50 for crispy falafel, plenty of sauce and pickles is still a steal in my book. Any longtime Moshe’s fans care to weigh in?


  • Rising cost of ingredients…? In a deflationary low-rates environment? Rubbish!

    This is just their attempt to stockpile funding to prepare for the spring offensive by the Hallo berlin cart and the Schnitzel Truck. Although an undeclared nuclear power, Moshe clearly wants to ward them off with conventional weapons…and are stockpiling falafel balls. Hopefully they will not escalate this and resort to chemical weapons (their lethal methane-inducing hummous & babaganoush)

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    • They will most likely use scorched earth tactics with relocating cemented potted plants to sacrifice critical sidewalk space. However, this will prove to be a detrimental strategy due to the critical flaw that they did not employ this strategy during the winter. They are better off using hit and run tactics by random parties attacking the Hallo Berlin lines with projectile falafel balls covered in hot sauce.

      Has someone been revisiting Call of Duty? This is your second WWII reference in two days.

  • I’m OK with the price hike. They overstuff the sandwiches and their falafels are much lighter than others around the city. My problem is that they don’t use Twitter so I’m not sure when they’re around by me. They have a roaming truck that parks around Penn Station now and then, but they’re not on any set schedule. They should be like El Camioncito taco truck. They are always around day and night!

    • Hey NomNom, is the El Camioncito truck good? I’ve walked past it a few times at 31st just east of 7th. “Day and night” you say? Once I was about to order some tacos but they closed up just before I could get a chance. I’ve never seen them open past about 8 p.m. or so. Now if you want a truck that’s REALLY always around day and night, there’s Little Morocco at 39th and 7th. They’re generally out until at least 5 a.m.!

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