Moshe’s Falafel

Day Two of Falafel Week!

It's day two of my search for the best Falafel in Midtown… and while nobody has ever recommended Moshe's to me- I have walked by it many times, and it usually has a really long line.  Well, in most places, long lines means good- so I figured I'd try it.

I'm not sure if I was there on a bad day or what, but the falafel I got was a mess.  There was so much tahini poured over the top it was impossible to eat.  I asked for hot sauce, but couldn't taste any under all the tahini- so I'm not sure if it was there, or they forgot to put it on. 

Because this is a cart, and the falafel are made right there, they were warmer and a little fresher then yesterday's falafel (House of Pita), and had a really delicious outer crust that tasted sort of like the batter that you find around fried seafood in New Orleans (definetely not a bad thing!).  Unfortunately the inside was a little a dry.  You would think the tahini would have helped, but all of that was on the top, and the falafel was on the bottom.  Their layering could definetely use a little work.  Four falafels on the bottom of the pita pocket, lettuce and tomato on top of that, and then one falafel on top to make it seem layered… with the whole thing smothered in tahini.

I basically had two bites of falafel covered in tahini, four bites of just lettuce and tomato, and then the bottom was all falafel.  The pita was better then yesterday, but it started falling apart after bite two, because of the tahini.  Pretty disappointing.  Usually taste rules, but when considering a place to eat a quick lunch on your break from work- messiness has to be taken into consideration. 

Like I said, there was a really long line, so people must like this place- and maybe I just got one bad falafel.  Next time I will definetely ask them to go easy on the tahini… maybe that will be an improvement.  $4.25 for a whole, $3.00 for half… although I'm not sure what would constitute half… maybe less filling?  That might be an improvement as well… If you've been here before please comment and let me know if your experience has been the same as mine.

The +/- and location info after the jump…


  • If you are into lettuce and tomato on your falafel, they give you plenty (along with plenty of tahini as well
  • There's always a long line, so I'm guessing there are people who like it


  • Too messy
  • Poorly layered… not a single bite had a little bit of everything

Moshe's Falafel Cart on the SE Corner of 46th Street & 6th Avenue


  • I think you did hit a bad day, because I have been going for years and this place is great. Ask for less tahini if you thought there was too much, but I like that they put some in the middle instead of all on top and you can get hot sauce too and the pickle just makes it perfect. Just know what you want in advance because they get grouchy when there is a line and you are next and still looking at the signs.

  • I’ve eaten here for years but, recently I have noticed the guys that put the falafel together has not been there and they have had to train other people this is the problem, same as in many other eatery in the city the people that put the food together have no clue of how it is supposed to be so they just throw it together. I have learned to order take it back to the office and use a knife & fork

  • i hit this place once a month or so. the layering is problemtic, but i usually kind of open it up and eat with a fork so i can control tahini etc. in each bite. there’s a nice little granite park down the block onthe south side, good place to much your falafel when it’s warmer out.

  • ate this a couple of weeks ago. was told it was the best falafel in the city…not just midtown. i also found it to be soggy and kind of bland. could use waaayyyyyy more hotsauce. i had to eat mine with a fork and ended up throwing away 1/4 of it (rare for me) because it was a big wet mess towards the end.

    btw…just discovered your site yesterday. LOVE it! i have been floundering trying to find food in midtown. almost resorted to eating at a subway yesterday before finding your site. keep up the good work!

  • I wanted to thank you for pointing out this cart. Like everything else in midtown, I’ve walked by it a million times and never thought twice about it.

    But I must say the falafel here was DIVINE! I tried it on Friday for the first time. It was easily the best falafel I have ever had in the my life. I humbly proclaim that this is what a falafel could and should be.

    The falafel was moist, fluffy. The bread was fluffy and fresh. The sauce was yummy. The layering was great! This is the way it should be! I am used to bread, lettuce, 2 falafel balls, sauce. This was all layered up, with all the ingredients all over, all the time.
    I ate it with a fork, because boy was it messy. Easy to eat though- grab it with your left hand, and eat with a fork with your right. Perfect for us midtown working fools who have to actually go back to work after lunch and not have tahini dripped down our shirts.

    I have never had a falafel that was not dry..I guess I just assumed they were supposed to be that way cuz they always are everywhere I have ever gone. Even Kwik Meal’s was dry, dry, dry (and small, small). Moshe’s was not dry at all..I was flabbergasted! And the bread was the best ever as well….fluffy! I was not hungry after, like I was with Kwik Meal.

    I ate in the concourse, and I think I was making all kinds of yummy noises while eating.

    Thanks again.

  • Hey guys where is Moshe’s cart located???

  • Just polished off a whole at my desk…this is the second time i’ve had Moshes…it is GREAT…the first time i simply asked for one regular whole falafel…and i ate it there..the falafel itself was nice and hot on the inside, and crispy on the outside…my hands were fine as the falafel didnt fall apart.

    today, i asked for extra tahini & extra hot. it was good eating it….but the entire thing literally just fell apart!!..half of a falafel ball fell from the foil and rolled onto my desk (even though they say your desk has more bacteria than a toilet bowl, i still ate it. what!? its a falafel ball..i’m not letting it go to waste). was a mess…tasted good..but a mess.

    maybe next time i can ask for tahini & hot sauce on the side (and if theyre cheap about wasting plastic containers [some places are] ill bring my own little plastic container for them to put it on)

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    I remember that Jerusalem Falafel at Bway and 37th had a terrific falafel. Think I’ll go back!

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    Moshe’s truck was on 33rd between 7th and 8th today — giving out free samples, so I guess they will be here for a bit.

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