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Yummy Yummy Falafel Bar is a Welcome Addition to the Area

When I heard that Yummy Yummy Kosher Veggie Bar, the new falafel place on Lex. btw 55+56th, featured a free salad bar, I knew I wanted to give them a try. Cramming that little container at Olympic Pita (38th btw. 5th and 6th) full of pickles and cabbage is one of Midtown’s greatest pleasures as far as I’m concerned. So I headed to Yummy Yummy to check out their contribution to Midtown’s crowded falafel scene.
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Yummy Yummy Falafel Bar is Now Open: For those of you who haven't had lunch yet, Lunch'er "Nicholas" (aka "hightemp") just let us know that the certified kosher Yummy Yummy Falafel Bar (on Lex btw. 55+56th) is now open for business... and a Yummy Yummy Deluxe with falafel, hummus, eggplant and cube salad is $6.99, and there is a free salad bar to add more fixins to your sandwich.

Yummy Yummy Falafel Bar Coming Soon

Yummy Yummy, NYC

With the opening of Pizza By Cer Te and news about Hello Pasta, the area by E 55th seems to be getting a whole lotta food action lately! Thanks to Lunch’er Apikoros18 for pointing out the kosher place Yummy Yummy (on Lex btw. 55+56th) that’ll soon arrive too! Looks pretty mysterious so far – just a storefront plastered with “Falafal bar, free salad bar, coffee bar, hummus, bourekas, soups”. No indication about how soon it’ll open, but as soon as we know- you’ll know.