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Checking Out the Non-Veg Platter at the Green Taste Desi Food Truck

Green Taste Truck

A couple weeks ago Danny wondered if Indian food carts have left the steam table joints like Minar in the dust? I’ve been a Minar frequenter for over 7 years now, but other than the Biryani Cart, I haven’t tried many of the midtown Indian carts. After reading Lunch’er Devina’s recent write up of the truck formerly known as Green Taste (aka The Desi Truck), I had to go check this newish truck out.
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Desi Food Takes Over the Green Taste Truck

desi food truck

Two week ago we noticed that the Green Taste Truck wasn’t exactly pulling in the crowds… and apparently they noticed it as well! Last week Green Taste was converted into a second Desi Food Truck, serving up dal, curry, kati rolls and biriyani.  On Friday they were parked on 6th Ave. btw. 39+40th, but we’re not exactly sure where they’ll be parking going forward (neither @desifoodtruck or @greentaste has made any mention of the new truck.)  The prices seem to be a bit more expensive than the original Desi Food truck on 27th and 5th but Clay was a big fan of their Kati Rolls, so this one is clearly worth keeping an eye on.

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“Green Taste Truck” Hits the Streets

If you like Kosher food, but want to be healthy (?) you’ll be interested in this news from Lunch’er Adam. He spotted this truck on 48th and 6th yesterday. Unsurprisingly the website painted on the truck doesn’t work, and we can’t imagine they’ll be able to keep parking on 48th and 6th every single day. We’ll see if they’re back today… early (Kosher?) adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.