At Lunch Now: Mexicue Meateaters > Kosher Vegetarians?


Last week the Mexicue Truck exploded onto the Midtown Lunch scene, causing mayhem on Thursday.  Today?  Much of the same.  They were on 40th and 6th today, and by 12:40 the line was 30 deep.  Total pandemonium.  The Green Taste Truck, parked around the corner (on 6th btw. 39+40th)?  Not so much.  No love for the green-vegetarian option?! I guess vegetarian trucks just aren’t all the rage (or maybe all the vegetarians were trying to taste Mexicue’s awesome looking beet taco.) You’d think at the least they’d at least get a bit of spillover…


  • no one would pick vegetarian because it’s “quicker”

    For shame, Danny, for shame.

  • If you don’t love meat, you don’t love America. Ask Oprah…

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    Green Taste truck is not vegetarian — I had grilled fish from there last week. And while I generally prefer BBQ food to healthy Mediterranean food, the fish and the sides it came with were both tastier and more filling than the slider and taco I got from Mexicue yesterday. As of now, I’m hoping to get lunch from Green Taste again this week (one of the guys said they might get the 48th & 6th spot from Frites ‘n Meats on Friday), and from Mexicue in a month or two when they add a little more flavor, and maybe make the dishes a little bit larger.

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    more like MexiQueue amirite

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