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And the Winner of Best Midtown Lunch Halloween Costume Goes To…

How could we not post this photo sent in by some Midtown office workers. From left to right you’ve got Brian (Magdy’s), Mike (Taco Bites), Steph (Uncle Gussy’s), Lin (Seoul Food), Ashley (Luke’s Lobster), and Ellen (Jerk Pan). Happy Halloween everybody!

At Lunch Now: Cops Shut Down All the Food Trucks on 47th & Park

Today, the NYPD shut down the “outdoor urban food court” of food trucks located on 47th between Park & Madison. As Blondie had noted in the past, the street is regulated for 3-hour metered parking for commercial vehicles during the week, and food trucks congregated on the same block often lead to complaints and the Alpha Unit breaking up the party.

Many of the trucks are relocating to other locations today and encouraging patrons to write to the Mayor’s Office regarding the repeal of laws prohibiting them from vending at metered parking locations. For the time being, it looks like 47th Street will be off-limits for a while. (Thanks to Lunch’er “Jason” for the tip and the photo.)

At Lunch Now: Halal Cart Catches Fire on 6th Ave.

This just in from Lunch’er “copyboy”…

Sara Halal Food, a generic chicken and lamb grilltop cart long a fixture on the corner of 48th at 6th Ave. caught fire and burned this morning. Billows of black smoke enveloped the lower floors of the News Corp. building as tourists gawked at the blazing mobile eatery. A hook and ladder responded and the fire was extinguished without much fuss. The cart seemed damaged and dirty (dirtier) although the splamb cube can probably just be shaved and reused. It’ll take a bit of refurbishment to get it back in working order.

About a dozen firemen poked and prodded the cart with fire hooks. They disconnected the propane tanks, which appeared undamaged and certainly undetonated. When asked what caused the blaze, a fireman responded, “Cause?”

At Lunch Now: Bluth’s Banana Stand is Packed (But Will Return Tomorrow)

See… there is money in the stand!!! The line at Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand, which is parked across from Radio City, goes from the middle of 50th and 49th halfway down to 7th on 49th- which is kind of crazy since the chocolate dipped frozen bananas are FREE.  I didn’t spot any cast members, just a bunch of typical PR people who may or may not be sick of listening to people throw out Arrested Development references as they snag their frozen banana.

Can’t make it out there today?  Fear not!  The stand will be parked in Columbus Circle tomorrow (Tuesday) handing out more frozen bananas from Noon to 7pm

A close up of the stand is after the jump…

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Breaking: Rocky Mountain Oysters Spotted on by the Lb. Buffet

Over the past few months I know we’ve been a little heavy in our coverage of Treehaus, the upscale deli on 51st and 3rd with fun sandwiches, a bibimbap bar, a monster burger, and bone marrow and pork belly on their by the pound buffet.  But sometimes it feels like these guys just get us.  And quite frankly, how could we not post this? Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  That’s veal testicles, on a Midtown buffet, for $11/lb.   Over the years we’ve spotted some pretty fun and exciting things on Midtown pay what it weighs buffets (soft shelled crabs anybody?) but I think it’s safe to say that this kind of takes the cake, right?  Anybody get a chance to put these balls in their mouth today?  Let us know how they were in the comments.  And big thanks to Lunch’er Jon for sending along the photo.

 UPDATE: The owner of Treehaus checked in to let us know that due to the holiday there will not be Rocky Mountain oysters on the buffet today… but they will have lamb testicles on Wednesday! (4/3)

At Lunch Now: Another Palooza is in the Books

So, this just happened.  Thanks to everyone who nominated their favorite vendors!  Results will be posted in the next week or two…

At Lunch Now: Uncle Gussy is Feeling the Vendy Effect

We’ve seen the line long… but never this long!  Holy wow.

Vendy Award Finalists Announced- Plus Hang Out Early w/ Zach, Brian H, Blondie & Brownie

At Lunch Now: Mercedes Hits Mr. Khan Cart


If you work anywhere near 45th Street and 6th Ave this is likely the talk of your office right now… around 12:30pm today a Mercedes plowed onto the sidewalk, hitting Mister Khan’s halal cart. Thankfully a fire hydrant stopped the car before it could hit the fruit vendor.

Check that out, after the jump.

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At Lunch Now: The Treats Truck Is In Midtown!

While rushing back to the office from lunch, I stopped dead in my tracks (to take a photo, naturally) when I spotted the Treats Truck in their old Midtown spot on 45th & 6th. You’ll have to hurry, though — according to their twitter, the truck will be there only until 3 p.m.

At Lunch Now: Kati Roll on 53rd Is Open for Business

Huzzah! After a 1-day delay, the new location of Kati Roll is officially open on E. 53rd Street. When I first got there, there were a few people waiting for food but there was barely a line to order. I got my food in about 20 minutes, but currently there is a line out the door, so expect at least a 25-30 minute wait from when you get there until you receive your food. Early adopters, feel free to post updates in the comments…

The Kati Roll Company, 229 E. 53rd St (btw 3+2nd)