At Lunch Now: Cops Shut Down All the Food Trucks on 47th & Park

Today, the NYPD shut down the “outdoor urban food court” of food trucks located on 47th between Park & Madison. As Blondie had noted in the past, the street is regulated for 3-hour metered parking for commercial vehicles during the week, and food trucks congregated on the same block often lead to complaints and the Alpha Unit breaking up the party.

Many of the trucks are relocating to other locations today and encouraging patrons to write to the Mayor’s Office regarding the repeal of laws prohibiting them from vending at metered parking locations. For the time being, it looks like 47th Street will be off-limits for a while. (Thanks to Lunch’er “Jason” for the tip and the photo.)


  • Called it last week. You dumb ass truck owners fucked up a good thing.

    This morning there were 10 mobile trucks on 47th between Madison and Park along with the usual 3 juice/coffee carts on the sidewalk. On top of that there were 3 or 4 more on Park north as well.

    • I agree, the vendors brought this on themselves a bit. They packed so many trucks into one small side street, it became chaos. It’s too congested, and there’s too much construction going on- the cops had no choice but to clear it out. I imagine the building managers were going nuts over that wall of trucks.

      The city is just going to have to recognize the need and desire for these trucks and set up designated areas in every neighborhood. That has to work better than this current free-for-all.

  • i’m waiting for the same to happen on 50th, btw 6/7, closer to 6th. Thankfully, there are a lot of carts there regularly should the trucks be banned, again.

  • come back down to 33rd and park—but not for another week as im still on vacation…

  • This just blows. I work on 48th/Third and walked to the trucks virtually everyday! The thought of reverting to deli food is disgusting!

  • Some people are criticizing the food trucks, but there still a lot of people that find it great to eat there. They should find a fair solution with truck owners.

  • It was a matter of time

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