Treehaus Brings Bone Marrow and Pork Belly to the By the Lb Buffet


We here at Midtown Lunch are fans of buffets and gaming the by-the-lb buffet system. But every now and then, a by-the-lb comes along with something special, and there are those of us who have been waiting for the inevitable: a super fancy steam table buffet. And that has happened with Treehaus (3rd Ave+51st St). Opening two weeks ago, Treehaus features everything you get from the other places: two steam tables, noodle bar, salad bar, drinks section, snack section, along with an odd cleaning supply area stocked with Mrs. Meyers (in case you need to do laundry in the office?) But look closer and you’ll notice these aren’t your regular steam table options.

Treehaus Buffet
I did a quick look-through of the lunch options yesterday and came across some surprising finds like this pork belly next to alligator fritters!

Treehaus Buffet

And breadcrumb-topped black truffle mac and cheese. Everyone knows the baking of breadcrumbs on top will only yield bonus points.

Treehaus Buffet
As will adding bacon to roasted Brussels sprouts, but double bonus points for being squares of bacon lardon.

Treehaus Buffet

Then I came across the osso bucco and steak. We have it on good word that bone marrow has been making appearances on the regular here, but you’ll want to stop by today for porchetta. Yes, porchetta at a lunch buffet. Everything there is $5.50 per half lb and hopefully you’ll be getting what you pay for. A quick glance at the other menus didn’t yield anything over $10, though things like the linguine with clams and the grilled octopus salad (!) just make the cut-off. Early adopters, let us know if everything tastes as good as it looks.

Treehaus, 830 Third Ave (at 51st St), (212) 355-9855


  • I checked them out a week or two ago. I found the other stations uninspired (or uninspiring) and skipped them. The buffet drew me in for sure; the vegetables are crisp and fresh, and almost all the food is presented in mini portions: one piece of fish with the garnish piled on top. It keeps the buffet looking tidy and not so much like a picked-over food trough. Coffee is excellent as well. Definitely worth a second visit.

  • Wow, that makes me miss midtown. Doubt you’ll find that quality buffet in soho…

  • I think it’s time for a Buffet-O-Rama investigative-reporting-style competition a la MJP’s dollar-slice smackdown. Best buffet? Best steam tables? Et cetera.

  • I would spend a fortune at that place

  • will check out soon. still cheaper than Dishes who charges $5.75 for half lb and I dont remember them having pork belly or osso bucco.

  • If you want some of that marrow, you’re going to need to sneakily dig it out of the shank while it’s still in the steam tray, or you’re going to be paying 11 bucks a pound for a whole lot of heavy inedible bone.

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